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No Germany is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by two countries. Italy is the nearest Mediterranean country, but Germany is separated from Italy by Austria and Switzerland.

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No, Poland doesnt border any country with a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, the countries that Poland borders have either a coastline on the North sea or the Baltic sea.

Germany has no border with the Mediterranean

The answer to this tortuous question is Warsaw, Poland. Berlin is in Germany which borders France (coast on the Mediterranean). Vienna is in Austria, which borders Italy (a big coastline). Lisbon is in Portugal which borders Spain (Gibraltar!).

yes,Austria borders Italy to the south; and Italy has a coastline on the Mediterranean sea because Italy is located on the two largest Mediterranean Islands Sicily and Sardinea.

There are multiple countries on the Mediterranean sea that are north of Israel, including every European country. If the question is asking specifically about a country on Israel's northern border that has a Mediterranean coastline, the answer is Lebanon.

Most of Israel's western border is on the Mediterranean coastline. In the southwest you have the Gaza strip. See also:More about Israel

The south of France, between Spain and Italy, has a coastline on the Mediterranean Sea.

Germany has a coastline on the North Sea and the Baltic. It doesn't border any ocean.

No, Germany does not extend south of the Alps.

The north Sea, The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea

Jordan does not border the Mediterranean, as it is east of Israel. It has a short coastline on the Gulf of Aqaba, which is an inlet of the Red Sea.

Countries that border the Mediterranean on its eastern edge include: Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Egypt.

Lebanon is a country on the Mediterranean sea that makes up the northern border of Israel .

Warsaw is not a country, it is the capital of Poland , a country that does not boarder the Mediterranean Sea

Vienna is not a country, it is the capital of Austria, a country in Europe that does not border any sea. It might pay you to look at a map and see which European countries do border the Mediterranean Sea - you will find that most European countries don't border the Mediterranean Sea. If you look wider, you will find that most countries in the world do not border the Mediterranean.

No country can border a coastline, especially the East coast of Australia, a shoreline of the Pacific Ocean.

Israel borders Egypt to the east. Some other countries that border Egypt are Libya, as well as Sudan. Egypt has coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

Switzerland is a land locked country - doers not have a coastline

Senegal is the only country with a border with Gambia, and Gambia has a short coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.

Countries in Africa which border the Mediterranean are: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria & Morocco. Morocco also has an Atlantic coastline. There are also European & Asian countries which have Mediterranean coasts.