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No. not at this time. All factory warranties still apply though.. there are a few technical service bullitins out though.. but no recalls.. sorry.. Macs Transmissions (Houston, TX) 281-394-4951

2007-03-23 03:22:30
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What recalls have affected the 2002 Honda Civic?

The recalls that have affected the 2002 Honda Civic include airbags recalls. The total number of recalls included an additional 272,779 vehicles as of December 2011.

Does a 2000 Honda Civic transmissions fit 2001 Honda Civic?

No. The motors are different, the 2000 Honda Civic uses D16 motors and the 2001 Honda Civics use D16 Motors.

What is the meaning of Civic?

Civic is an adjective. As in relating to a city. Example Civic Problems. Can also be related to a citizen. Example Civic Pride. It is also the model of a Honda vehicle.

Have there been any recalls on the 2000 Honda Civic?

Yes, there have been a number of recalls on 2000 Honda Civics. The most recent recall was for the exterior lighting headlights. The lighting provided by the car is insufficient for proper driving and can result in accidents.

Will my honda civic accelerate like a Toyota?

There has been no evidence of an acceleration problem with Hondas like the recent Toyota problems. However Honda just issued a 400,000 plus recall due to a break issue. Check out for information on all current recalls.

Is it common to have a lot of trouble with 2001 Honda Civics?

Yes! At least, it has been for me. From what I have been told, 2001 was a new model year for the Civic, which generally equals more problems. To date, I have had two recalls on my car, my intake and exhaust valves had to be adjusted within the first 3000 miles of driving it (my car was dying when taking corners), I have had numerous problems with my transmission which finally led to replacing several parts (thousands of dollars worth of work), my trunk won't open from the lever inside the driver-side door, and my alternator bearings went out while on a road trip. My mechanic tells me has had problems with other 2001 Civics, as well, especially with transmissions and valves.

What 2006 car model had the most recalls or customer complaints?

Two models tied for the most number of recalls for 2006. First is the Honda Civic, and second is the Hyundai Sonata. Each 2006 model had a total of 4 recalls. Additional information is available at the following website,

Will a civic transmission fit a b series motor?

If by "Civic transmission" you mean a D-series transmission then no, it is not compatible with the B-series engine. If the Civic has a B-series transmission then, oviously, it will work. All 5-speed B-series transmissions are compatible with all B-series engines.

How much does it cost to replace transmission on a Honda civic?

The cost to replace a transmission on a Honda Civic depends on where the transmission is purchased, if it is new or used, and the charge of labor if any at all. Some used transmissions for a Honda Civic can start around $500. A new transmission can start around $1,700.

What is the transmission fluid capacity of a 2000 Honda Civic EX?

On a drain and refill about 3 quarts, if the transmissions completely empty of fluid 6.3 quarts.

Does a 1991 civic transmission fit in a 1993 civic?

NO. It wil bolt up to the D-series motor. However, 5th gen (1992-1995) Civics have hydro transmissions, 4th gen have cable transmissions. If you're handy with fabrication and a welder, I suppose you could make an adapter to make it work. If your talking about an automatic, then the 5th gen ECU won't be kind to your CEL.

Your Honda civic hx 98 is shifting hard?

starting problems

2004 Honda Civic with Speedometer Problems?

I have a 2004 Honda Civic. The Speedometer rests at 35 MPH and when traveling at 55 MPH, it reads 85MPH.

What kind of oil does a 1995 Honda civic standard take?

my brother has a 95 civic ex with over 260,000 miles, and i have a 2000 civic ex with over 110,000 we both use valvoline 5w30 and never had any problems

Are the new car sales for the Honda Civic up or down from this time last year?

Sales for the Honda Civic have increased to around 320,000 cars sold for the 2012 year. This is and increase of about 100,000 vehicles from the previous year.

You swapped a ys1 transmission for a s1 an the axel is like 1 inch short any ideas?

both transmissions came from 89-93 models of teg and civic models and both cable types. b16 transmissions are interchangable and should not encounter any problems when swapped. try to check the way you put the axle.. i experienced the same problem but in my case the axles seem to be longer. what happened was the axle bearings were put upside down. (i have the bearing with the sqaure housing at the bottom part of it)

What else besides the distributor cap and rotor could cause starting problems in a 1995 Honda Civic?

Try the main relay. Mine was behind the glovebox on a 1996 civic. Good luck.

What can cause your 1999 civic Si to cut off while riding down the road?

Your cylinders could be backfiring on you. Bring it on to a mechanic. You could also have problems with your computer. But with a civic my guess is the cylinders.

The 1991 Honda Civic featured what different changes?

The 1991 Honda Civic featured changes over the previous models such as increased dimensions and a lower hood line. You can get more information about this at the Wikipedia. Once on the page, type "Honda Civic" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

Why Starting problems now and then civic 97 mod pls help changed starter?

Check your timing... Also make sure your distributor is still good... I just had to change mine on my 97 civic

What is a palindrome for relating to government or citizenship?


94 civic transmission fit a 89 crx?

If the 94 civic had a d series motor then... Yes & no. The 89 CRX as with all crx's have a cable transmission. The 92 & up civics have hydrollic transmissions. So the transmission will fit if it was from a d series motor, but you will have to buy a hydrollic conversion kit from hasport or other swap company.

How do you fix the speedometer cable on a 1998 Honda Civic EX?

A 98 Civic does not have a speedometer cable. It is an electronic speedometer. So if you are having problems with it not working the most likely culprit is the vehicle speed sensor (VSS).

How much transmission fluid in 1990 Honda civic?

Remove the 11/16 sized bolt on the transmissions towards the passenger side. Keep adding with a 45 degree funnel till it starts leaking. Reinstall bolt.

Computer code p1259 on Honda Accord?

air/fuel ratio problems p1259 Honda civic/Honda accord