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Does Japan have a king?


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no it has an Emperor


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Japan does not have a king.

Japan has had emperors.

Japan doesn't have a king - they have an Emperor (Akihito) and a Prime Minister (Naoto Kan).

Japan has an emperor, which basically means more or less the same as "king".

Emperor Hirohito was the 'king' of Japan in WW2.

Japan doesn't have a king or queen; it has an emperor and empress. The current emperor is Akihito, and his empress is Michiko.

They actually have an emperor, not a king. Emperor Akihito.

Actually...You really don't call it King but, Yes. there is.

Japan has an Emperor and Empress, and they are Akihito and Michiko.

A Super King in the UK. California King in the US. King Long in Japan.

Buddhism arrived in Japan when the Korean king in the winter of 552 sent a mission to Japan.

the history of japan started in 708 to which thye king Wadokaichin

Richard King Beardsley has written: 'Village Japan' -- subject(s): Case studies, Japan, Rural conditions, Villages

Alaska. King Cove, AK is 2411 miles from Nemuro, Hokkaido, Japan

An Emperor. The current is Emperor Akihito.

Emperor Hirohito of Japan


Japan does not have a king or queen, though it does have an emperor. Emperor Akihito is the present incumbant

Emperor. His son is called the "Crown Prince".

the king s killed Louis and clark

Godzilla, the King of Monsters came out in 1954

Neither - it's ruled by an Emperor.

"King Kong" (1933). "Godzilla" (1954). Title in Japan was "Gojira".

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