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Does Jupiter have icy rings?

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it has rings but not icy rings

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Yes it does have icy rings

Rings of Jupiter was created in 1979.

There is no planet with large rings and icy rocks. Saturn has rings, but it is not a rocky planet - it is a gas giant.

Yes, there are rings on Jupiter and Neptune, and sideways rings on Uranus.

Jupiter doesn't have any rings, and Saturn has 2 rings.

Europa is one of Jupiter's icy satellites (moons)

Yes, the rings are mostly icy debris.

Jupiter has astroids that look like rings, I think

Yes, Saturn has many more rings than Jupiter. Jupiter only has 4 rings. Saturn's rings, however, have not bee officially counted. There are seven groups of rings. There are four main groups and three fainter groups. Inside every group there is an unknown number of rings orbiting the planet. There are many theories of the number of Saturn's rings, ranging from 30 to under 1,000. It's believed that the rings of Saturn are caused by a moon which lost its icy shell as it orbited the planet, getting closer to it, eventually crashing into Saturn.

Saturn has more rings than Jupiter.

No. The rings of Jupiter are debris ejected from its moons.

Jupiter has a possibility to have a solid (rocky, icy) core

Saturn because it is called "Lord of Rings" because it has the largest amount of rings and Jupiter has the least amount of rings.

no i don't think that Jupiter has ring

No Jupiter does not have any rings at all!

They were formed by icy rocks.

The planetery rings of Jupiter were first observed by the Voyager 1 probe in 1979.

Jupiter has rings, but they are not as visible as those of Saturn.

Yes, Jupiter has some faint rings.

Jupiter and Saturn both have rings.

Yes. Jupiter has very faint rings, and 63 moons (or moonlets).

Jupiter has a faint ring system comprised of three main rings: an inner torus, known as the halo, a relatively bright main ring, and an outer gossamer ring.You cannot see the rings of Jupiter with the naked Eye. They are too thin.Jupiter has a set of faint rings.