Does Lexus use Toyota parts?

A lexus is made by toyota they use the same parts most of which are made by denso,aisin corporations most of your parts such as plug wires ignition coils radiator,spark plugs,starter,etc are denso made and other parts such as water pump,and timing components are made by aisin. it is not a good idea to use parts made by ac delco or delphi these are used mainley used by general motors. motorcraft is a ford,lincoln,mercury part brand mopar is made by daimler chryler dodge,jeep,chrysler if you want good replacement parts for your toyota,lexus,scion use beck arnley parts these are basically oe parts just repackaged and sold at a lower price but yes lexus,toyota,scion are toyota brand vehicles for example the 1998 toyota camry and the lexus es300 are the same car under the hood the interior and body styling is all that sets them apart.