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Are Camry and Lexus es300 parts interchangeable?


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Toyota Parts for LexusIn many cases they are. Mainly with drive and suspension. Not much in body and interior parts. I use a nearby Toyota dealer for convenience rather than drive 20 miles or so to a Lexus dealer. My car is a '97 ES-300 and I start out by asking for '97 Camry parts. ( Incidently the Avalon is part of the group also) I have changed front strut supports, coolant, spark plugs and wires, filters for air, fuel, oil and transmission internal, using Toyota parts. I always brought the old parts in for exact comparison because Toyota uses a different parts numbering system and they evidently can't access Lexus parts numbers. I think my replacement EGR assy. and throttle sensor could have come from Toyota also but there could be calibration differences as the Lexus V6 makes a little more power. No apparent price differences, but the trip through the Lexus facility does make one feel richer!

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The ES300 uses parts from both the Avalon and the Camry. The motor resembles and uses the Avalon parts, while the body (brakes, rotors, calipers, etc) uses Camry parts. The best way is to call Lexus up and ask for part numbers on components you're replacing, and see if the Toyota dealership has the same matching part number. Toyota Parts Department cannot access Lexus part numbers, but they do share the same part numbers. Good luck

As the Lexus is Toyota's premium brand the parts to repair a Lexus will be more expensive than the same parts for a Camry. But the Lexus is one of the most reliable vehicles you can buy. At 90,000 miles the Lexus and Camry both have many miles left before they need any major repairs, assuming they were serviced regularly. Look closely at each car and see if it appears they were taken care of. I would pick the Lexus over the Camry although both are very dependable automobiles.

No, they are not. It is possible that some parts that can be interchanged but it will be next to impossible to find out which ones.

Buy a kit at wal-Mart or auto parts comes with instructions

Yes,they are.the Lexus is upgraded with better parts,but they share the same chassis.

Yes most of them can and they also interchange with the same years Lexus 250 ( they are the same cars just diff hood, grill, and lights, all other body panels and all motor/ trans parts interchange)

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me too, they do not appear to have this or find the correct part at most auto parts stores, I am going to have to go to the dealership...

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A lexus is made by toyota they use the same parts most of which are made by denso,aisin corporations most of your parts such as plug wires ignition coils radiator,spark plugs,starter,etc are denso made and other parts such as water pump,and timing components are made by aisin. it is not a good idea to use parts made by ac delco or delphi these are used mainley used by general motors. motorcraft is a ford,lincoln,mercury part brand mopar is made by daimler chryler dodge,jeep,chrysler if you want good replacement parts for your toyota,lexus,scion use beck arnley parts these are basically oe parts just repackaged and sold at a lower price but yes lexus,toyota,scion are toyota brand vehicles for example the 1998 toyota camry and the lexus es300 are the same car under the hood the interior and body styling is all that sets them apart.

Yes. Example. The mass air flow sensor on your Lexus says Toyota right on it. If you needed to replace it you can get it through the Toyota parts dept and save some money. The mass air flow sensor from Lexus is going to be the exact same part that the Toyota guy handed to you but you will pay more for it.

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