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No. Limewire does not give you a virus. Like many tools that connect to the internet, Limewire can be used to download a virus. This is no difference than downloading an infected file through your web browser or email client. Avoiding infected files on Limewire is very easy. Limewire includes the ability to look up files through an external service known as Bitzi, where people can report if files are legitimate, virus-free, and of good quality. If the file has only bad reviews, or has none at all, just don't download it.


Avoid downloading dangerous file types...

The below list may not contain all the dangerous file types.

*.exe (Executable Files / Programs)

*.bat (Batch Files)




*.scr (Screen Savers)



*.js (Java Script)

*.*.* (Files that have more that one file extention, example: screensaver.txt.exe)

*.zip (Compressed files that contain one or more of the above file types.)

Most infected files on Limewire contain the words "cracked", "keygen", "full version", or "with serial".

If you decide to download an infectable file type, make sure that you have a good anti-malware scanner like MalwareBytes, at

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Q: Does Limewire give you viruses
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Does LimeWire always give you viruses?

Limewire doesn't always give your computer viruses. You would get a virus from Limewire if you downloaded a file with a virus in it. But if you use Limewire, you need to be really careful. A lot of Limewire's files contain viruses. Not every single one of them, but a lot of them contain a virus.

Can LimeWire give your computers viruses?

Limewire the music sharing software it self cannot give your computer viruses, however the things you download can do.

Does LimeWire give ipods viruses?


Does liewire give you a virus?

the program limewire is not a virus but some of the files on limewire are viruses

Does te website LimeWire give your computer bugs?

Limewire might give you viruses. But that's what I have been told.

Do all free music websites give you viruses?

limewire does

Will LimeWire give your dell inspiron with Windows 7 and avg free virus protection viruses?

LimeWire may give a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 and AVG virus protection viruses. This is because no matter what the person is downloading to the computer, unless it is from a trusted source, anything may be in the file. LimeWire has been known to give many computers viruses.

Do you recommend LimeWire?

yes i do because it doesnt give you viruses. only the files do.

Which is better LimeWire or iTunes?

limewire downloads viruses

Whats better bearshare or LimeWire?

Limewire, less viruses

Is LimeWire a safe site?

Nope, you can get many viruses from limewire

Does LimeWire cause viruses?


Does LimeWire harm your computer in any way?

limewire itself does not..but some downloads of it has they can..but limewire itself cant..

How do you avoid viruses in LimeWire? try that

Does LimeWire give you viruses if you have no virus protection?

yes u need firewall, spyware and other protections for your PC

Where can you legally download free music for an iPod?

Limewire would be your best bet, althoughh it can give you alot of viruses...

Does i tunes put viruses in your computer?

Itunes does not give you viruses on your computer. However,If you used limewire you will sure to get viruses. Never use anything before you are sure you wan't to do it.

Does LimeWire you my computer viruses?

Yes, LimeWire will most likely give you a virus, it uses P2P which means your computer is connected to the other persons, If you need music just use YouTube

Can LimeWire break your iPod?

No ipods can NOT get viruses

Is there a site better than LimeWire?

i think limewire has the most songs but other programs like i-mesh have less viruses. my virus scanner said that imesh was okay to use but I know people that have gotten viruses from limewire

What is better. music oasis or LimeWire?

limewire is bad for your computer, it gives you viruses. i would suggest not using it

Will LimeWire give you viruses when you download?

When you download limewire it doesn't give you a virus. Each song you download holds a virus. The longer you have the song, the bigger the virus gets. Later the virus will get so big that your computer won't work. The above answer is wrong. Downloading Limewire will not give you a virus, nor will the songs it has. As long as you have good protection on your computer, it will be fine.

How safe is LimeWire 5.4?

No matter what version of LimeWire, it is never 100% safe and still has files for download with viruses.

Can your computer get viruses by downloading itunes?

sometimes ! it depends on where u get it from ! from limewire,frostwire that has viruses but if you have a cd but not burned from limewire/frostwire it has to be a cd that you bought or a cd thats been copied but it was copied from a bought cd that has no viruses just lime and frost

Where to get free music legally?

Limewire, just watch out for viruses.