Does Pennsylvania recognize a person as the opposite sex after a sex-change operation and if so at what point during the sex-change procedure?

If you were born in Pennsylvania you are in luck. If you were born in another state, you will need to find out about that state. <See Discussion>

Pennsylvania will change both name and sex, and will issue a new birth certificate with no mention of being amended. The original birth certificate is amended and "sealed" so that it is unavailable to the public.

You will need an original letter from your SRS surgeon, and an original or certified copy of the court order for your name change. The fee is $10.00, but there is no fee for military veterans.

Mail to this address:

Vital Records, Corrections Unit
101 S. Mercer St.
New Castle, PA 16101
Ph. 724-656-3331
Fax 724-656-3153

With your materials, include your date and county of birth. "Please send the certified court order change of name as well as your incorrect birth certificate. We also need a letter from your doctor stating sex reassignment surgery has occurred and you are now functioning in the newly assigned gender."

Please note that some respondents report that Pennsylvania kept their original letter from the SRS surgeon and would not return it.