Does Pineapple aid implantation

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Pineapple is supposed to have an ingredient that helps thicken the uterine lining. There are various threads on the internet regarding eating pineapple, but nothing really specific about how much or how it is prepared. One user did, however, comment that it is acidic and when she ate too much of a good thing, her mouth was sore for a week.

[zmandel] I know that pineapple contains the enzime Bromelain ( , which can act as a blood thinner. Another blood thinner, Aspirin, is used in fertility treatments ( to improve circulation. This may increase blood suply to the necessary areas the body needs for implantation.

Regarding bromelain, it is mostly on the stem of the pineapple. Canned pineapple has no bromelain because it has been heated, so the fruit has to be eaten fresh.

Another note: Must be eaten with empty stomach, otherwise the bromelain is not absorbed by the blood, and instead, being an enzime, will aid to digest the food in your stomach. [/zmandel]

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Q: Does Pineapple aid implantation
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