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Does South African law apply to South African ships anywhere?

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Yes, it does.

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What has the author Allan Kendall Du Toit written?

Allan Kendall Du Toit has written: 'Ships of the South African Navy' -- subject(s): South Africa, South Africa. Navy, Warships

What did African slaves eat on the ships?


How were the African slave brought to America?


What suicide bombers were a threat to American ships during the holocaust?

None, no American ships were anywhere near the Holocaust.

Do ships or do trains play a large role in South America's transportation of goods?

Ships do

What are specific hardships the African slaves had?

none the slaves did not own ships

Why do ships sink in the black sea?

Ships can sink anywhere, not just in the Black Sea, for instance if the ship gets a hole that lets water in.

How were African slaves treated on the slaver ships?

African slaves were treated very poorly on the slaver ships. They needed to keep the slaves alive--but otherwise, slaves were just like any other cargo.

What has the author Ronnie Eriksen written?

Ronnie Eriksen has written: 'The sea was kind to me' -- subject(s): Biography, Sailors, South African Naval operations, South African Personal narratives, World War, 1939-1945 'St. Helena lifeline' -- subject(s): Curnow Shipping Company, History, Merchant marine, Ocean liners, Passenger ships

How did African women's experiences differ from African men's on board slave ships?

African women experienced sexual violence by the ships' crews. This high level of violence, and its psychological effects, may have led to their lessened sex drives once the women arrived in the Caribbean and Latin America.

How many ships make up an armada?

The number of ships needed to to make up an Armada is different depending on what type of Armada you are making. It can take anywhere from 30 to 150 ships to make up an Armada.

What direction did the ships sail from England to the Canary Isles?

from the canary isles they sailed south

What is the standard Shipping time from hong kong to us?

Anywhere from 7 - 10 days after it ships

Why are cruise ships able to sail in fjords?

A ship can sail anywhere the water is deep enough.

Which country is the largest producer of ships in Asia?

South Korea.

Who was the ships captain in the African slave trade?

William Williams (neat name, huh?)

How did African-Americans come to US?

From slaves ships that transported slaves from Africa.

What was primarily bought to be traded in the Americas when ships traded at West African ports?


Were there Ships sunk off the us east coast in ww2?, more ships were sunk off of Florida than anywhere else in the world.

How many ships were in the blockade fleet that the north sent to the south during the civil war?

194 Ships in the blockade fleet.

Wooden ships built during the civil war?

During the Civil War, wooden ships were used. The ships the North built were used to blockade the South. The ships the South used were built to outrun the blockade. This all changed when the first ironclad, the Virginia, was made. It was unsinkable at the time. The North answered with the Monitor, and the two ships battled to a stalemate later in the war.

What is primarily produced in South Korea?

Almost everything from electronic goods to ships are produced in South Korea.

Dangerous south American headland around which whaling ships of the 1800 dreaded sailing?

A dangerous South American headland around which whaling ships of the 1880s dreaded sailing was Cape Horn.

Dangerous South American headland around which whaling ships of the 1880s dreaded sailing?

A dangerous South American headland around which whaling ships of the 1880s dreaded sailing was Cape Horn.

Why did the Union blockade the Southern?

The Union (north of the United States) was in war with the Confederates (south of the United States. The Union tried to starve the south out by making a blockade. The way the south stopped it was by putting iron on its ships and shooting cannons at the other ships.

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