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Yes, and military-service is compulsory for male citizens. As a consequence the "active" stock of soldiers is one of the highest among European countries.

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Q: Does Switzerland have an army
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Is there is not army in Switzerland?

Switzerland does have an army.

If Switzerland has army?


Does Switzerland have the biggest army?


What is the country with no army?


Which is the only country bordering Germany that was not invaded by the German army?


What brand of watches are made in Switzerland?

Swiss is a well known brand (from Switzerland)-they also make Swiss army knives, they have the red cross logo

Did Switzerland ever go to war?

Switzerland has not been at war with another nation since 1815. Until 1515, Switzerland led an expansionist policy noted by many successful invasions of foreign nations. In 1515 Switzerland was defeated at the Battle of Marignano by the French army. This ended Switzerland's expansionist policy and began neutrality.

What has the author Remy Faesch written?

Remy Faesch has written: 'The Swiss army system' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'The Swiss army system' -- subject(s): Switzerland, Military education, Switzerland. Armee

Where does the Swiss army knife come from?

Switzerland - I guess the official factory is now called Victorinox.

What is required of every physically fit male in Switzerland?

To join the army.

When was the Swiss army knife first produced in the US?

Technically Swiss army knifes are only produced in Switzerland. To call anything not produced in Switzerland "Swiss" is false advertising in most countries in the world. But I think it is allowed in the USA. So the correct answer is "never".

Who has the worst army?

Antigua and Barbuda have the worst army in the world with only 245 troops. The Vatican city only has soldiers that Switzerland supplies, and they're mostly ceremonial.

Where does the Swiss knife originate from?

The swiss army knife actually originated in Switzerland. It was made for the Swiss army to take out with them because it functioned as so many other things.

Does Switzerland give every citizen a gun?

Definitely not. Switzerland has conscription and a Militia army. After a Swiss citizen has done his initial term in the Army, he returns every year for re-training. He is given his army uniform, gun and a small amount of ammunition which he keeps at home in case the country is invaded and he does not have time to get to the army barracks. The gun and ammunition remain army property and must not be used except if ordered to. Israel operates a similar system.

What three things is Switzerland famous for?

Swiss Chocolate Swiss army stuff and having 4 main languages

Why is a Swiss army knife known as a Swiss army knife?

1) Because they are made in Switzerland. 2) The original design was for use by the Swiss army. There still is a model which is issued to every new recruit in the Swiss army. It is called the "Soldatenmesser"

What European country uses Helvetian?


What are 3 things that Switzerland produces?

Cuckoo Clocks, watches Chocolate Army Knives

What are some inventions in swistzerland?

Swiss army knife, velcro, bank secrecyand the argand lamp were all invented in Switzerland

What country has the best army?

This is an impossible question to answer because there are numerous ways to qualify the best, and each army has different needs. For example, I would say Switzerland has the best army for homeland defense, and the United States has the best army for going anwhere in the world on short notice, but there are many other ways to judge how good an army is.

What logo has a white cross with red background?

You have described the flag of Switzerland. You see it as a logo on Swiss Army Knives.

Important industries in Switzerland?

Perhaps manufacturing, they do make the Swiss Army knife which is produced by SWIBO and that product is known around the world.

What are some push factors about Switzerland?

poor country bad economic.

Where is oberwill Switzerland?

Basel, Switzerland (NNW Switzerland)

Why is the Swiss army knife known as the Swiss army knife?

1) Because they are made in Switzerland.2) The original design was for use by the Swiss army.There still is a model which is issued to every new recruit in the Swiss army. It is called the "Soldatenmesser"