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Hello Dear; Yes, Of course in some easy steps: 1. Login to your Yahoo! Mail

2. In your Yahoo! Mail page click on the link Options

3. In the Options page click one Filters

4. In the Filters page click on Add

5. Name your filter and set the rule(s)

6. Choose the folder that your messages will be directly go into it

7. To finish, click on Add Filter By the way, if you want the others not to send you emails, then you can spam their email addresses. Just open a message from the person that you no longer wish to receive email from him/her and click on the spam button. Do you need any further information?

Do not hesitate , Tell me! Thanks

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What is a Primary Account Holder?

Primary account holder is the person on whose name the bank account is created in the first place. Ex: Assuming you have a bank account and then once you get married you would include your spouse as a joint account holder. you will be the primary account holder and your spouse would be the secondary holder.

Can one of the joint account holder freeze the account if so the other joint holder can not access the account?


What does bank account holder mean?

its a type of bank account where the name of the account holder is kept secret.

How do you close account if account holder is not present?

If the account holder is incapacitated, then someone should obtain the power for attorney for that person. If the account holder is deceased, then you need a death certificate to prove that. And those are the only two circumstances in which it is necessary to close an account when the account holder is not present.

Can the primary account holder remove the name of the secondary holder?

Pay off the balance and close the account. Then reopen a new account with only the primary holder.

Who or what is a bank account holder?

A person on whose name the bank account is opened is called the bank account holder. He is the one responsible for maintaining the account.

What does titulaire mean?

It means holder. Like account holder, passport holder and others.

How do you find the account holder name with his account no?


How do you check name of account holder using account number?

how to know a/c holder name by a/c number

Is a secondary credit card holder resposible for debt?

Depends on what "Type" of Credit Holder you are. Here is how that will go: If you are what is known as an authorized user on the account. (i.e. - The Primary account holder has given you permission to make charges on the account), the answer is No. The primary account holder is responsible for any charges he/she has allowed you to make on the account. If you are a Secondary account holder (i.e. -your name was put on the account APPLICATION at the time the card was applied for), then your answer is YES. If the Primary account holder defaults on the account, then the credit card company will turn to try and collect from the Secondary account holder. BEWARE of becoming a secondary holder on anything that has to do with credit. If you know that the Primary holder may default, you could get stuck with a huge amount of debt on your hands, and if you can't pay, your nice credit score of 783 could very quickly go down the drain to 535 or lower.

Does the account holder have to be present when writing a personal check to a person and cashing it?

The account holder does not need to be present when the check is cashed.

How do you get any credit card benefits if one of credit card holder has died?

If you are a joint account holder you can still use the card. The creditor should be notified of the death of the other account holder. They may simply remove the person from the account or require you to open a new account in your name. However, if you are the joint holder you are responsible for the entire amount owed on the account.

What Does Bank Account Name mean?

It is the name of the account holder

Who is the first Facebook account holder?


How do you know if a levy was placed on your bank account?

The bank should notify the account holder that the account has been levied by a judgment holder. Also, the account holder/judgment debtor should have received a final notice of judgment citing the action the judgment creditor is taking.

Can the primary account holder remove his name from an account leaving only the secondary account holder?

Not enough information. What kind of account? What are the institutions, or the lenders rules regarding this? Was it done with criminal intent?

Can a joint checking account be closed by only one account holder?

Maybe. How the account is established determines what action can be taken by one account holder.Generally if the names of the account holders are separated by "and" then both need to agree to any action taken; if the account names are separated by the word "or" then either holder can act dependently of the other.

Can you do direct deposit if your name is not on the account?

No, you cannot have direct deposits into an account that you are not listed on. However, many account holders can add Power of Attorneys (POA) on their bank accounts, which is basically an authorized user. This person would have the same rights as the account holder, but the account holder is liable for the account. So if the account holder were willing to add you onto the account as a Power of Attorney, then you would have the ability to have direct deposits into the account, as well as full access to the account. The account holder has to go to the bank in-person to do this and must provide identification and sign off on this.

Can you change your Verizon number without the account holder being present?

no unless you tell the account holder to tell them "add" you as an authorized person.

Can you get a print out of text messages from Verizon if you are account holder?

Yes u can.. a relative of mine had to do this for her daughter.As long as u r the account holder.

Who is responsible for credit card debt when some dies in PA?

The person(s) named as the account holder. If the account was held jointly then the surviving account holder is responsible for the debt. If the decedent was the sole account holder the debt becomes a part of his or her estate and is handled according to probate laws.

What does 'name of account holder' mean?

Name of account holder refers to the name of the person who owns the account. This can be for bank accounts, credit accounts, loans or utility services.

How do you find out if a bank account is still open?

Banks usually do not leak any account holder information to others. You can directly ask the account holder or can go for special bank request.

Who is an account holder?

Anyone that has been added to a deposit account or savings accounts

How do you find the name of bank account holder from their account number?

contact their bank

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