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== Acura speed sensor }

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Q: Does a 1993 Acura Legend v6 3.2 have a speed-o-meter cable or is it electric If electric where is the sensor exactly?
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Where is the speedometer cable connected on a 1996 Blazer?

It has an electric speedo and has a speed sensor.

What could cause the speedometer to stop working on a 1992 acura legend?

You have a bad Vss Sensor.............. The vehicle speed sensor.

What could cause speedometer malfunction periodically in a 94 Acura Legend?

it is a defective speed sensor.

How do you know when the speed sensor on 1992 Acura Legend is bad?

One indication of a bad sensor is when your speedometer bounces around, shakey, or jumpy.

Does a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 have an electric speedometer?

Yes. The rear axle sensor feeds the ABS computer which feeds the cluster and the speedometer.

Where is the speedometer cable on a 1995 Dodge Dakota?

doesn't use a cable, it uses an electric sensor

How do you repair the speedometer on a 1991 Mustang?

It is an electric speedo so it can be the speed sensor or in the speedo itself.

Does a 1994 Firebird have an electric speedometer?

yes it has a speed sensor near the end of the tailshaft of the trans.

Why would d4 light be flashing on a 1991 Acura Legend?

speed sensor is out or is going out. your speedometer is out too right?

Where is the speedometer sensor on 2004 avalanche?

where is speedometer sensor on 2004 avalanche

Where is the speedometer cable located on a 2001 dodge Dakota?

It doesn't have one. The speedometer is electric. The signal comes form the abs sensor on top of the rear axle.

Where is the speedometer cable connected underneath a 1995 Ford Explorer?

It doesn't have a cable, as it is electric. The speed sensor is on the trans.

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