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Does a 2002 Passat Wagon - 18L-turbo really need premium gas to survive how critical is it to use premium on turbo engines this is your first turbo - thanks?


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I have a 2001 1.8T Passat Station Wagon. My (non-dealer) repair shop suggests that premium gas is only required for city driving. When going on a long trip with mostly high speed interstate driving, mid-grade gas is okay according to them. I have been following their advice for the last year and have had no change in gas mileage or performance.

As a once owner of a 2000 Passat wagon, a brother-in-law who has spent over the last 20 years as a VW dealer tech and he too still owns his 2000 Passat wagon 1.8T has never used anything but regular unleaded gas in his car. He says there is no reason that he has ever known or experienced in his many years as a tech and owner to use premium gas in this car. With the 1.8T you should only be using a full synthetic oil. there is no way around this. Using conventional motor oil WILL cause sludge in your engine, void the extended warranty on this engine and cost thousands to fix.


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