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On a 1996 Ford Windstar :

No , just the LOW oil pressure warning light

in the left side of your gauge cluster

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Q: Does a 96 ford Windstar have a oil safety cut off sensor?
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Is there a low oil cut off switch on 96 ford windstar?

( No )

What happens when wires are cut on ford puma speed sensor?

When you cut the wires on your speed sensor there will be several of fax. The most notable affect will be the malfunction of your speedometer.

Is there a low oil cut off switch in 2003 ford windstar?

On a 2003 Ford Windstar : No , there is no low oil cut off switch If the LOW OIL PRESSURE warning light ( next to the right turn signal indicator light ) comes on , then you want to pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and shut the engine off ( the sooner the better )

Does the engine on 1996 ford fiesta have a safety cut off when airbag goes off?


Well a reese hitch off Ford Ranger 2003 fit 2002 windstar van?

The Ford Ranger and Ford Windstar were produced on two totally different chassis. This makes putting a hitch from a Ranger onto a Windstar a structuraly problem. If you know how to weld pieces onto or cut pieces off of the hitch, there is always a way to make the hitch work. If, however, you want to just take the hitch off of the Ranger and bolt it up the Windstar, that would never work.

Why would a seven year old Ford Fiesta not idle and cut out when stationary?

check the TPS (throttle position sensor) check the TPS (throttle position sensor)

Why does your 1994 ford turbo diesel cut out andn shutdown while im driving?

Cam sensor could be bad

Where is the fuel relay sensor for 1994 Ford Thunderbird LX located?

if you mean the fuel cut off switch, its in the trunk.

Why won't my 1997 Ford Windstar turn over even after replacing the battery and starter?

Check alternator,check air filter,check fuel cut off switch.

Why wont your ford tauras start unless jacked up?

reset fuel cut off safety switch after being jacked.

Why does 2000 ford windstar start fine but when starting engine after a short stop engine sputters and feels like it will cut out this lasts about 30seconds?

well it could be a # of things but most likely the timing is off

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