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Hi, There is a control relay. that when activated, controls the check engine light and the the fuel pump when energized. It could also be fuse FI Blue (15A) which is the electronic fuel injection. I would check all the fuses to insure they're all ok. The control relay is most likely under the hood. Steve H.

You might also check the 15amp fuse near the driver side kick panel - the one marked Ignition/coil. When this is burned out, the engine will turn over but not actually run. The cause(s) of that fuse burning out is the subject of several threads on this site.

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Your 1997 tracker will not start battery and alternator are ok what could be the problem?

check starter

What could be the problem with a 1992 Tracker that has power to ignition switch but won't crank and dash lights are dead and no spark but will turn over if starter is connected directly to battery.?


Problem starting my dodge neon?

the starter? the battery? Distributor? idk give more information... does it click?

Anybody have starting problems with a 1996 Tahoe that won't click despite strong battery and ok lights?

The wire that goes from your battery to your starter, or just your starter, very common problem

How do you fix the drain on the battery of a 1991 GEO Tracker when engine not running?

My tracker had this problem to. The battery would go dead in a few days or a week sometimes it would stay up 2 or 3 weeks. It didn't matter if it was driven everyday or not. A real no pattern to it problem. I replace the starter and it solved the problem. My year 93 has the solenoid built onto the starter you cant replace just one. If yours doesn't I would replace the solenoid then the starter. Good luck

How do you locate the starter solenoid on a 1997 Geo Tracker?

Follow the pos battery cable.

What is starting system?

Ignition switch, battery, battery cables, starter relay, starter solnoid, starter, flywheel ring gear.

What does it mean when your won't start or turn over?

I means you have a battery problem or a starter problem or dirty/loose battery cable connections. If the battery is operating the starter and the starter is turning the engine over but the engine won't start and run, you may have a spark problem or a fuel problem.

Can you start a truck with starter problem or do you have to tow it?

That depends upon what the starter problem is. If the battery is exhausted, you can use another vehicle's battery, with jumper cables.

Why is 1994 Isuzu Rodeo starter clicking. The starter solenoid clicks then the starter motor engages. HAYNES quotes problem is battery or starter solenoid contacts or starter motor connections.Ideas?

either clean and tighten cable connections or get battery tested. if not the battery, it is the solenoid or the starter If it is clicking and not starting at first, but starts after a few tries, its your starter taking a dump. Replace it.

I get a single click from the starter but it will not crank what is my problem?

your battery is dead or the starter solenoid

Truck not starting just making clicking sounds. the starter has been changed but it still wont start what could the problem be?

Dead or weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Defective starter solenoid?

Your 2000 Daewoo Leganza isn't starting The problem may be battery related but jumping it does nothing?

your battery could still be buggered even on a jump start, try bump starting/tow starting to rule out starter motor problems first before forking out on a battery

Ford Bantam not starting?

If your Ford Bantam is not starting, you might have a dead battery or a problem with the starter. You might also have an empty gas tank or clogged fuel filter.

Why won't a 2001 Chevrolet tracker attempt to turn over even though the battery is fine?

have someone check your starter out i had the same trouble and it was my starter

The car has a strong battery power but does not start is it the starter?

Hard to determine where the problem may be. If the battery is strong but the starter spins slowly, the problem is at the starter. If the starter spins freely, the problem lies elsewhere (ie, fuel system, electrical/electronic, ignition switch, etc.).

How do you change the battery on 307 sw?

Yes the problem is that after replacing Old battery to the New, my Pug307 not starting, radio and all inside electronic is funcioning normaly, but starter is quite :(

How do you know if your external regulator is good on an 89 geo tracker it does not start battery is good thanks?

if the battery is good, it is not the regulator.i would check all fuses first,then check starter solenoid and starter

Mazda 6 clicks several times before starting?

Weak battery or poor connection - battery to starter. Possible bad starter.

How do you trip the starter solenoid on a 1994 Geo Tracker Once the car has been driven for a while then turned off the starter will not do anything Turn the key and nothing?

If the starter will not engage on a 1994 Geo Tracker, it is possible that the solenoid needs to be replaced. There could also be a loose wire on the starter solenoid. Also check that the battery is fully charged. The battery could have gone dead while it was being driven.

1996 Saturn SL2 starting problem checked battery cables connections all good just replaced the starter when i turn the key to start all i get is one click from the starter any ideas y it wont start?

is the battery fully charged?

Why does click when starting changed battery?

If you know the battery and connections at the battery are good then it is more than likely a defective starter.

Why does the starter on your 75 corvette smoke when you hook up the battery?

The starter is stuck or apparently engaged, replace the starter to eliminate your problem.

How to remove the starter in a 1995 Geo Tracker?

Detach negative battery cable from battery terminal. Disconnect cables from starter,label which cable went to which terminal on starter so you don't mess up. Loosen bolts on starter,can be a pain in the butt trust me cramped quarters. Take starter out.Then just reverse procedure for new starter.

What could be the problem with a 1995 Mazda mx6 not starting?

There could be many reasons why a 1995 Mazda MX6 is not starting. Some of the reasons could be a bad alternator, starter, battery, or fuel pump.