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first u have to kind of slick talk to the girls he had flirted with and then ask his friends(mostly his best friend) who he likes .then lie to his best friend and tell him any girl that doenst like him.

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What do you do to make someone notice you?

by being nice!!!Be friendly and show you are interested in them discreetly.

How do you know if a guy really doesn't like you or not?

Your read the signs, you feel it. You see how he treats you and how he treats other girls, and when you notice a difference, that he gives you extra attention or treats you more nicely and with extra care, then he likes you. And if he flirts with you, but sometimes there are guys who flirt with all girls, so if he only flirts with you, then he's interested in you.

Does your dog notice when you have had your hair done?

They can sometimes!

How can you tell if a 7 grader guy is getting interested in a 7 grader girl he does stare?

# He will annoy you sometimes. # He might stare at you for a while, but when you notice, he will just smile. # He might flirt, but if he does, its probably just jokingly unless he has done all of the above. **This may be innaccurate, these answers are from personal experience.So if it doesnt work out, sorry.**

Why many ants appeared sometimes in the house?

enough to notice them.

How would you get One Direction to notice you? Sweden they did notice some girls, who just happened to be flashing, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to do that Sometimes they might just notice you, of you don't even notice them...hmm

Why do nipples hurt?

Sometimes they do when in growth, you might not notice until you push down on them.

What is a notice board?

A notice board is a place where public messages can be posted and items can be advertised for sale. Upcoming events are posted on the boards. A notice board is sometimes called a bulletin board or pin board.

Does pregnancy produces acne?

Sometimes (don't worry nobody will notice through the glow)

Why do girls laugh a lot when they talk to a guy?

Sometimes it means that they like the guy and what him to notice them

Do guys notice when a girl cuts her hair?

sometimes. Depends how much he cares about the girl

How do you find a boy who likes you?

if he keeps on looking at you and you notice then he notices that you notice then turns his head then he likes you.even if you are talking with him and he flirts with another girl then walk away then he will notice and run after you.if you ask him if he likes you and he says no and looks at the floor or their feet then they like you FOR sure! If you cant find the right one he will come just look pretty and act popular and be nice to him and securing like a mother

Why do people not notice that the continents drift?

People generally do not notice that the continents drift because they move so slowly. People do notice earthquakes and other natural disasters that are sometimes caused by the movement of the earth's tectonic plates.

If a guy is staring at you a lot especially after he did something funny or flirts with other girls in front of you or is always trying to make you laugh does that mean he likes you?

Yes, he is trying to get your attention and have you notice him. If you like him, you should respond and smile or talk to him.

How do you make a teenage girl like you?

Flirt with her. If she is shy, then get to know her first before you flirt so she is more comfortable. But if she isn't, then see how far you can go, and let her notice you like her, and if she flirts back, then she likes you! :)) good luck!

A guy who doesnt usually flirt flirts with you like tries to touch you poke you laughs a lot and smile does that mean he likes you?

Yes that means he is interested in you and trying to show his interest by making jokes to make you smile and notice him.

When is too much ensure bad for you?

any is bad but sometimes it takes more for you to consciously notice

Why do guys like girls for only their personality?

well that is sometimes true but mostly because they never notice anything new about a girl for example if u get a haircut they wont notice

What is the best way to ask a boy if he likes you?

Use body language! If you flirt with him alot, make alot of eye contact. You should easily be able to tell by the way he responds. Notice whether he flirts back, or avoids your approach.

Why she flirts with you?

Someone would flirt with you if they are attracted to you and basically likes you. Some people may unknowingly flirt with you, while others may flirt with you for a purpose. So in the end, this girl is flirting with you because she likes you and wants you to notice her as well.

Can you buy a male angelfish?

They are sometimes available. Your local pet shop may have a contact or may even have a notice board. They are sometimes advertised in the classified columns.

Can't anybody find me somebody to love?

hun, sometimes you have to do things for yourself. Be nice and sombody will notice! (:

Can an insurance company non renew your policy?

Yes, They can and sometimes do issue a notice of non-renewal. It happens.

What did you notice with the way you write?

I noticed that it's wiggly, uneven, and ugly, and that nobody can read it. Not even me sometimes.

Which way does SpongeBob walk to krusty krab?

The creators kinda messed that part up. If you watch different episodes you'll notice that it's sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right.

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