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you might have an STI i suggest you visit your nearest genito-urinary clinic for a checkup ASAP thats also a sign of ovulation

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Q: Does a clear slimy discharge mean pregnancy?
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Does a clear slimy discharge mean you are pregnant?

Clear, slimy discharge is likely cervical fluid, which means you are in your fertile period. For most women this occurs 14 days after the start of their period. Take a pregnancy test two weeks following ovulation to determine pregnancy.

If your discharge is white with clear and slimy what does that mean?

it is totally normal.

What does it mean if your two months late with period and have clear slimy discharge and sometimes white lumpy discharge and pregnancy test is negative?

Some kind of infection. Probably go to the dr.

What does brown slimy discharge mean?

It could be several things. It could be the beginnings of your period, implantation bleeding, infection, unexplained bleeding in pregnancy, or loss of mucus plug if in advanced pregnancy.

What does it mean to be late for your period and have clear discharge?

This could quite possibly mean that you are pregnant as clear discharge is a sign of the mucus plus forming therefor when you get pregnant sometimes you get the discharge of the excess. I would say try taking a pregnancy test to make sure and if that is not it then you should see the doctor to find out what the discharge could be.

What does clear and slimy discharge mean?

Usually means you're perfectly healthy. As long as it's clear and not too cloudy or yellow/green in color it's a good thing. Probably nothing to worry about.

Does a stretchy white and clear vaginal discharge mean you are pregnant?

No, not necessarily. This is the exact description of normal cervical fluid that comes every month during ovulation. However, white, clear vaginal discharge can also be a sign of pregnancy.

What does discharge during pregnancy mean?

Discharge during pregnancy is normal! It is normal to have a havy flow of discharge. But, if the discharge has a green or yellow tint or a very foul smell, it could mean there is an infection and you should see your doctor about it.

Can brown discharge be an early symptom of pregnancy?

Brown discharge can indicate pregnancy, but it can also mean that you have a water infection. See your Doctor.

Is clear discharge a symptom of pregnancy?

It can be but it could just be normal, sometimes people get discharge for no reason. It doesn't always mean that you could be pregnant. If you're unsure you could go and get a test or see your gp

Clear white discharge with blood spot and very tender breast what does it mean?

It is probably just your period arriving, but if you miss your period, take a pregnancy test

What does it mean when clear stuff comes out of you vagina?


What does it mean when there is a clear second line on pregnancy test?

U pregnancy

What does it mean when slimy thick redish brown discharge leaks out im pregnant?

This is a question that a person needs to speak to their doctor about.

If you have a discharge does it mean you are pregnant?

Not necessarily. Many women have a discharge, pregnant or not. See the Related Link for symptoms of pregnancy.

What does white discharge mean during the last weeks of pregnancy?

A white discharge usually means a vaginal infection.

Can clear or white odorless discharge mean you're pregnant if your partner has ejaculated inside you more than 10 times and you're ovulating?

If your partner ejaculated once and you are ovulating, you can be pregnant, whether or not you have discharge. If you do not get your period on time, do a pregnancy test.

You took a pregnancy test one line was clear and the other was pink what does that mean?

one line was clear and the other was pink on a pregnancy test does that mean anything

Does watery clear discharge always mean your pregnant?

No! It is not a clear indicator at all that you might be pregnant.

What does it mean when you have clear discharge with small blood clots?

You're probably pregnant and you're experiencing implatantion discharge.

If you have a discharge that is like a clear bubble does that mean you have miscarried?

sometimes in early pregnancy you may not have even been aware that you were miscarring.perhaps a miscarriage was mistaken for a very heavy period but a few weeks into a pregnancy and a miscarriage was occuring,there would be quite a lot of blood loss accompanied with abdominal cramps.a clear bubbly discharge that contains no blood is not a miscarriage.if you are worried go to your g.p as you may have a very common vaginal infection.

Does white vaginal discharge mean pregnancy?

No. It can be a symptom experienced in pregnancy, but it does not indicate pregnancy. If you are having excessive discharge, call or see a doctor, it could be harmless, or it could be something a bit more serious that can only be taken care of medically.

What does increase in discharge mean during pregnancy?

Normal discharge increasing is completely normal, during pregnancy. Discharge with blood, bad odor or green, yellow discoloration needs to be brought to your doctors attention, as a possible sign of infection.

Does the clear thick vaginal discharge mean you are ovulating?

From what i have read, heard, and experienced the ovulation discharge is not clear but thick and white and it usually comes about one and a half to two weeks after your period.

Can clear odorless liquid discharge mean you are pregnant?

No more likely you have a infection.

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