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You have your period.

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Could you be pregnant or could there be something wrong if you have been on Cerazette for eight months and you have just started to get very bad cramps with light spotting?

There is a possibility you could be pregnant. See your Doctor for a quantitative beta hcg blood test.

How many years are in fifty-eight months?

There are four years and ten months in fifty-eight months. One year is equal to twelve month and four years is equal to forty-eight months. When you subtract the forty-eight months from firsty-eight months, you get ten months.

How many Twelve months are there in Eight years?

There are eight twelve months (or years) in eight years.

What is a year and eight months?

20 months.

Can you be eight months pregnant and have clear slimy discharge?

yes, this is very normal. I had it with both my pregnancies. I had two very healthy babies. I believe it is the beginning of the mucous plug being dislodged.

How long does it take for a bankruptcy to discharge?

If you want to buy a house it takes eight years car is three years so im pretty sure it will discharge in eight years

How many months is one year and eight months?

20 months

How do you spell 48 months?

forty-eight months

Can you stay eight months out of US with green card?

Can you stay eight months out of US With green card ?

How many pages does Eight Months on Ghazzah Street have?

Eight Months on Ghazzah Street has 278 pages.

How many years and months did it take for Japan surrendered after they bombed Pearl Harbor?

Three years eight months. Three years eight months.

What does it mean when a pregnant woman has cramps at six months pregnant?

usually it means she needs to wear a pregnancy girdle for extra belly support but if the cramps are escalating in intensity and bleeding starts it could be a miscarriage. It is normal in the eight and ninth months to have intermittent contractions, these are called braxton hicks and it's like the body is preparing for delivery. they just stop on their own and are called "False labor" good luck Joymaker rn

How many months of the year does it snow in canada?

eight months

How many months is 263 days?

it is around eight months

How many months in 7 years?

eight four months.

What is is 42 percent of 8 months?

42% of eight months is 3.36 months or three months and 11 days.

How many days are in eight months?

It depends on the months, and can be from 242 to 245 days. On average there are 30.4 days in a month, and 243.5 days in eight months (2/3 year)

How many years go to mars?

It is estimated that it would take eight months to travel from Earth to Mars and another eight months to return.

Can you fly on a plane when you are eight months pregnant?

no no

How long is a hipo pregnant for?

About eight months

How long was the voyage out to Australia?

Eight months

How many months is it from november 7 2011 to July 7 2012?

Eight months.

7 months of the year you have thirty-one days how may have twenty-eight days?

All months have twenty-eight days.Only February has only twenty-eight days.

In your calendar some months have thirty days and some months have thirty one days how many months have twenty eight days?

12 Months

Can an eight year old girl begin puberty with vaginal discharge as the first symptom?

yes. Girls eight and up normally start puberty.