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If there is an erroneous payment then

These funds last 5 years have limited use and cannot pay for new obligations

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Q: Does a debt being turned over to a collection agency ruin your credit?
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Florida hospitals and collection agency?

Collection agencies can collect for Florida hospitals. Medical bills are not looked on as poorly as other bills when offers of credit are being considered.

Can you be arrested after being sued by a collection agency?


How do I remove a collection item on my credit report that was disputed but not removed?

Only the collection agency or the credit bureaus can remove a collection off a credit report. You can negotiate the removal of the collection off the credit report upon final payment of the debt owed. Some collection agencies have policies against this, some don't. You can also redispute it to the credit bureaus as many times as they will let you. It has a higher chance of being removed if it is paid off and an older account.

What property is exempt from being taken by a collection agency?

all of them

How do you find an apartment after being recently evicted?

with a credit agency

Will having a payment plan with a collection agency greatly reduce your credit score?

No. Once a person is being threatened by a collection agency, there is a high liklihood that the damage to the credit report is already done - a chargeoff or collections transline will already be in your credit report. Having a payment plan merely gets the debt paid and on-time payments are usually NOT reported (however, if you miss a payment, that company can and will send a negative tradeline to further damage your credit reputation).

Can a collection agency put a delinquent debt on your credit report if it was never reported by the original creditor and the SOL has expired?

Yes they can. The SOL being expired gives you a good basis upon which to dispute the entry and an affirmative defense to a lawsuit; but those won't prevent a collection agency from reporting a bad debt.

What are the benefits of using a business collection agency?

There are a few benefits to using a collection agency for ones business or personal purposes. One benefit to using a collection agency would be being able to avoid having to directly deal with the person who owes money.

If a debt listed on your credit report was sold from one collection agency to another and you paid the debt with the new agency can the old agency still be marked as a debt on your credit report?

If the old collection company is still showing the debt being owed, it can usually be taken care of by supplying to them evidence of the payoff of the debt with the other agency. Should that not work, order your credit report on line (from whichever bureau is reporting it) and then instigate an on-line dispute. You'll have to supply to them evidence the debt is paid and then they'll handle it from there. This procedure usually takes 30 - 45 days to clear up.

Can you have a federal garnishment if you already have a garnishment?

In the US, a defaulted student loan is turned over from the Guarantee agency to a Federally approved collection agency. This collection agency can garnish your wages. If your loans are with various lenders and turned over to multiple collection agencies after default, then I think it would be possible to have multiple garnishments, but collectively they can not be more than 15% of your salary. If more than 15% is being taken, then you should contact the Ombudsmans office at the Dept of Education. He is there to help you. If you want help consolidating your defaulted loans and stopping the garnishment, click on the link at the bottom of this text box.

Can a paid settlement to the collection agency be reported as paid as agreed?

As a general rule the answer is no. Collection agencies will report this to the credit bureau as being settled for less than what was due, which can have a negative impact on your credit report. While paying this money could seem like an effort to repair your credit, it actually can damage it. A situation like this often results from a debt being old and about to fall off of your credit report. If you pay the money to the collection agency then it will stamp a record of such payment for an amount less than the amount originally due. The worst part is that such a record will stay in your credit file for another seven years from the day the payment was received! If you don't make the payment the negative report resulting from that will probably fall off of your credit report much sooner.

Can I get a medical collection removed from my credit report if I never got a bill because they did not put my apartment number on my bill and the bill has been paid after being sent to collection?

Yes you can have it removed from your credit report. I had a similar issue with a medical bill. It was never delivered to me by the hospital or collection agency. I called the agency and explained this. They said I could pay it off and they would have it deleted from my record. They also said they will contact the credit bureaus to clear it off their records too. This happened earlier this month. I went to Equifax and disputed the collection on there end afterwards to make sure it gets taken care of. I'm just waiting to get confirmation now.

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