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Not necessarily, but it should be checked anyway. The front wheels on your car are referenced off the back 'trailing' axle so if the rear axle was off then the entire alignment is off. Older vehicles and many pickups are referenced off the ' driving' or 'fixed' rear axle but the rear axle is non-ajustable where as your cars is. This is a more precise way of alignment.

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Q: Does a front wheel drive car need and all wheel alignment?
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When do you need front alignment vs 4 wheel alignment?

if you have independent suspention front and rear chances are a 4 wheel alignment can be done typically front wheel drive vehicles but not all.

Does a car with front wheel drive need front end alignment?


Do you need a wheel alignment when getting new tires on an all wheel drive vehicle?

No. If there had previously not been any alignment issues, and as long as the new tires are properly balanced, you will not need an alignment.

What does it mean when steering wheel is not center?

U need a front wheet alignment

Does a all wheel drive vehicle need front and rear alignment?

there is adjustment both front and rear some require aftermarket control arm or camber,caster shim kits

Why does your steering wheel shake when you drive between 50-55MPH on a 2004 Sahara?

u probabily need an alignment u probabily need an alignment

What does a wheel bearing cost?

There are many different bearings. Need to know the year, make, model, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all wheel drive and if it is the front or rear wheel bearing.

Do you need a wheel alignment when struts are replaced?

NO That depends on how the struts attach to the knuckle or control arm. On some front wheel drives an alignment is required.

Does an all wheel car need the wheel alignment?

I just took my all wheel drive Subaru to Town Faire Tire today. Before the service man knew my car was an all wheel drive, he explained about alignments and said that all wheel drive cars often need alignment more frequently. At 12,000 the print out figures showed that my car needed one.

When your vehicle front wheel spread out what wrong?

Sounds like your tie rod ends have come undone. They will need to be reconnected and the car alignment done before you can drive it.

Does an S10 need a lube job?

Yes drive shaft, front end searing and front ball joints (if rear wheel drive) front end ball joints for front wheel drive

Whats causing your left front tire wear more rapidly than the others?

your wheel balance or wheel alignment need adjusting

How much does a wheel alignment cost for a SUV?

It should cost $40-65 for a front end alignment and 80-100 for a 4-wheel . If you have a newer vehicle with Independent front suspension you will need a 4-wheel, however you you like me and own a older SUV with live axles you only need a front end.

I have a 2002 Silverado and need a front wheel alignment do you have to buy a camber kit?

no you dont need a camber kit

94 Eagle Vision Tsi Shakes while driving?

you will need a front wheel alignment

How do you changed front wheel bearing on97 Chevy truck?

Need to know if it is 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive.

Does a wheel alignment machine needs to be calibrated?

Yes, wheel alignment machines do need to be calibrated.

What would cause front end thumping on turns?

if it is front wheel drive then you need new drive axels

Can a Dodge Nitro be towed behind an RV?

it can if it is a manual transmission and is left in neutral. if it is an automatic you need to know if it is front or rear wheel drive. If its front wheel drive you need to lift the front wheels off the ground and if its rear wheel drive you have to lift the rear wheels off the ground.

How do you tell when you need a front wheel alignment?

When you take your hands off the steering wheel with the car moving and it goes to the left or right quickly.

My car pulls right when i accelerate then left when i take my foot off the throttle?

Assuming the car is front wheel drive, you probably have worn suspension and or steering parts along with a need for an alignment.

When should I get my wheel alignment I need a front end alignment for certain and want to get all four wheels just to be safe however we are in early February in Ohio plenty of potholes everywhere?

One should get wheel alignment after you start feeling some vibration.

When towing a front wheel drive vehicle what gear does it need to be in?


Can you tow a car on a car dollie in park?

Yes, If the car is rear wheel drive you have to have the rear wheels on the dollie. Front wheel drive you need the front wheels on the dollie

Does a 1996 dodge Dakota truck require front wheel and rear wheel alignment?

yes all cars and trucks need to get aligned at some point