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I would say this young lady is interested in you. When we are younger (12 to 16) the type of action described by you is a form of getting ready in the future for sexual touching by both parties. As we get older and more confident we smoother the edges out a little, but we still want to touch, whether it's Wrestling, getting close to the person's face or their breath in your ear. In it's true sense it's a form of foreplay. So far, the both of you have you been innocent over this and if young, I hope it stays that way. Take it slow and easy as you have years ahead of you for sexual contact. Sure wouldn't hurt to ask her out to the movies.

Good luckMarcy

AnswerLove is a pretty strong word. As far as whether she likes you or not, it depends on her. Some people like to flirt with everyone - they don't like some of those people at all, they kind of like some of them, they like some of them a lot, and they have a crush on some of them. Some people only flirt with people they like - but they could still like people to varying degrees. Sometimes you can tell whether someone likes you and sometimes you can't. The only way to really know if someone likes you is if they tell you.

That said, it's a good sign that she likes talking to you, looks into your eyes, and plays jokes on you - she definitely likes you as a person for sure. Lust? I don't know. Love? That's too strong of a word.

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Q: Does a girl love you if she likes talking to you and when you talk she looks into your eyes and she plays jokes on you sometimes?
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How can you tell if your best friend likes you as a girlfriend?

by the talking and the face and how he looks by the talking and the face and how he looks

What does it mean when a guy stares at you all the time in class and seems to be talking about you to his friends and sometimes looks like he hates you?

He oviously likes you and he looks at you that way because he wants you!!!

What is a simple way to tell if a boy likes you?

If he looks at you, talks to you, laughs at your jokes, or smiles at you

If a guy jokes around with you and looks at you sometimes could he possibly like you?


How do you know if an Pisces male likes you?

you know if he gives you winks, cute looks and tells you jokes!!!

I like this guy but I don't know if he likes me back or if he thinks of me like a little sister how do I tell how he feels about me?

You can usually tell that a guy likes you if he looks at you a lot, laughs at your jokes, even if they aren't funny. He leans toward you when talking and wants to be around you.

You sit with him in class he leaves a lot but you laugh a lot together and make jokes all the time sometimes he looks at you does this mean he likes you?

Maybe or maybe not, he could just think of you as a really good friend.

How can you when if a boy likes you?

If he looks at you then looks away when you look at him If he tries not talking to you If he turns red when hes around you

What does it mean when a girl looks at you sometimes and she is uncomfortable around you and she is mean to you sometimes?

She obiously likes you. Or she is checking you out.

How To Know If a Shy Guy Likes You?

he likes you if he is constantly talking about to his friends and you can also tell by the way he looks at you and acts around you

When a guy stares at you twice within a few minutes does that mean he likes you?

Sometimes. But Sometimes they might be just seeing if your checking him out but if your not and he looks at you randomly he likes you but if your starring him down and he looks then looks again wants to see if your looking at him. so if you were checking him out then maybe but if not yes.

What does that mean if sometimes a guy stares at you and prolongs it and sometimes stares and looks away when you caught him?

It means he likes you.

How do you notice a guy likes you?

a guy likes you when he looks at you a lot and smiles at you (sometimes he will stare at you) If you know he likes you kiss him in private and tell him the truth.

Why do boys look to the ground?

Well you see, when a boy looks at the ground when he's talking to you and acts all nervous when he talks to you then he likes you... or he doesn't talk to girls a lot and likes any girl. However, if he looks away as you're passing him in the hallway and then looks at the ground he doesn't like you or if he looks at the ground but doesn't seem nervous at all talking to you.

What symbols that a girl likes you?

she is always smiling at you, and laughing at your jokes or puts on extra make-up or looks extra good just to see you

What if a boy looks at you in a good way?

From personal experience when a boy looks at you it means he likes you or sometimes it means hes friendly

What does it mean when a guy looks you in the eyes?

sometimes he is just basically looking at you, but sometimes it means that he likes you. if he looks you in the eyes in a caring way then maybe he is just a good friend to you, then again he could really like you. It usually means that the guy likes you for who you are.

When a guy says he likes someone and then looks at you what does it mean?

it could mean that he likes you or that hes just looking at you while he's talking to be polite

When a guy is talking to another girl and looks away when you are there?

He dosent like you or he likes you and he is nervise to show it

What does it mean when a guy looks at you while he's talking to another girl?

It can mean either he likes you while talking to someone to see if you get jealous or not.

What does it means if a girl looks at you out of the corner of her eye and smilie huge while talking to her friend?

boy that means the girl was either talking about you or likes you!!

You want to know if he likes you?

Well sometimes a boy will want to talk to you a lot or even try to aviod talking to you. When you talk to him he might be extra nice or flirty. If you try to talk to him and he looks nervous, that could also mean he likes you. I hope i could help!

What does it mean if a guy stares at you from afar but looks down when talking to you?

He is shy around you! He likes you a lot but to scared to say anything.

If you don't know a boy and he likes you how can you tell if he likes you?

Ask him questions about what he likes about you. If he just says 'You are hot!' chances are he just wants your looks. If he truly likes you, then he will be talking to you nonstop and complementing you and meaning it. Hope that helps!!

How do you know if an ex boyfriend is trying to make you jealous?

I think when he's with the other girl or kinda talking to them, he looks at you sometimes when you look at him talking to them