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A great white dorsal fin does always stay upright in the water. The fin is what helps the shark swim.

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Q: Does a great white dorsal fin always stay upright?
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Do great white sharks have a black spot?

Some do, on the tail or dorsal fin.

What is the defense of a great white shark?

the great white sharks defence is it's teeth and it's dorsal fin. (TOP FIN)

What is the difference between a White Pointer shark and a Great White shark?

there is a slight difference, white pointer sharks have white on there bellies so when they are on top of an enemy and they look up all they see is whiteness. great white shark has whitish grey but they don't use it for the same reason. also white pointer sharks put up their dorsal fin and their tail fin (but the tail slightly shorter than the dorsal) but the great white shark only puts up its dorsal fin.

What are the fins on a great white shark called?

The pectoral fins are in the front and the dorsal fins are at the back.

What are great white sharks distinguishing features?

Gray dorsal side, white ventral (belly) side. Thick, pointy nose

What are the defence mechanisms of a great white shark?

The defence mechanisms of a Great White Shark is it's top dorsal fin, it's super sharp teeth (obvious) and it's torpedo shaped body. :D

Are the great white sharks always white?

no their pink somtimes green

What is white Ramus gray raus dorsal ramus and ventral ramus?

what is white ramus?

How many black and white keys are there on a upright piano?

There are 88 keys in upright Piano. 52 white keys and 36 black keys.

How tall are the great white sharks?

What do you mean?Pectoral fin to Dorsal fin or from tail to nose?Okay for tail to nose it's average lenght is 21ft.Now for Pectoral fin to dorsal fin I really don't know but,it could be around 7ft tall.

Are whale sharks white?

No, they are countershaded. This means they have white stomachs, and a darker colored dorsal area. In the case of the whale shark this dorsal region is grey or blue with spots and or stripes running the length of the body.

Who is tougher a Great White Shark or a Killer Whale?

An adult Orca (Killer Whales) will generally always beat an adult Great White Shark. Orca are smarter and rely on sonar. Orca also travel in pods and Great White Sharks do not, so in reality, Orca would always be able to kill a Great White Shark.

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