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No one can answer this question but him. People like to be nice to others because its the way to be, they dont have to necessarily have to "Like" anyone. Ask and get it over with.

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Why do guys friends annoy a lot?

He's trying to get your attention, he's trying to be funny

If you ignore a guy does he like you if he tries to get your attention or does he just want your attention because you are a girl?

He could be trying to get her attention because it's something he isn't getting. He could like her, he could just be trying to get a reaction..

Why are some tibetans now trying to draw attention to there cause?

tibet are trying to draw attention to there cause is because they are hoping to embrass china

This guy ignores you but talks to your friends?

he may be trying to get your attention as it sounds but is probably insecure and is trying to figure you out and how to approach you. Hope this helps.

Why do dogs bark randomly?

Maybe because its trying to get your attention.

Why is your enemy trying to become friends with all of your friends?

It's because there trying to mess with you and something bad could happen from your relationship with your friends!

Why does this guy always want to get my attention when he's the one that left me hanging?

A guy may still be trying to get a woman's attention, even after he left her, because he may be playing hard to get. If a guy is still trying to get your attention, it may be because he still has feelings for you.

Why does your married friend act weird around you only when his wife and mutual friends are around?

Well,He could trying to be something hes not Or hes trying to get attention

What is so wrong about dating your brothers friends?

Your brother will think you are trying to steal his friend and he will not get the same attention from his friend. Because if you will date the friend will make your brother talk about you. Trust me, I know "guy code." In other words boys love attention.

What if your walking your crush is playing ball with friends you think your crush likes you he throws the football over your head not trying to hit you is he trying to get your attention?

Well in my opinion it can be in both ways...he can be either trying to get your attention and that's the best way he can find possible or he can just be doing it for any other reason. If none of his pals are around, then most likely yes he is trying to get your attention.

Why is your cousin so mean when he has friends over?

Because he's trying to impress his friends.

Is a guy trying to get your attention if he suddenly jumps down from the desk and walks to his friends and talks loudly when he sees you walking towards them?

yesand no he gets your attention but that doesn't mean he likes you

Why are people trying to get me to laugh?

because you are a very serious person or your friends are trying to impress you :D

Trying to quit drugs because they are bad for you but you have friends that still use?

Hi There, You are trying to break free.. so do it and look for new friends. John

Do people write stuff on the wall anymore?

Because they think that they are cool when they are not.. they are trying to get attention when that is not going to give them attention it maked them hate them rather then like them .

How does magma escape through the earth's crust?


Why did my cat stop meowing when we got a puppy?

Mostly because it has given up on trying to get attention from you. Give it more attention, and it should resume normal behaviors.

Why does this guy that likes me talk to my friends more ttan me?

i think it is because he is trying to learn about you and is trying to show you he can hang out with your friends too he wants you to feel comfortable that's all

What does it mean when a shy girl mimics you even behind your back?

shes trying to act cool in front of her friends or she likes what you do it sort of depends what she is mimicing you with or what your doing but if shes shy as in likes you then its probably because since she doesnt talk to you normally she is trying to get your attention well i hope it helped

Does a girl like you if you are friends but she would rather flirt with her other guy friends than pay attention to you?

== == * This young lady is having too much her own way and immature. Be different! Start dating other girls and to heck with her. If she loves you then she'll seek you out. If she doesn't no big loss! * It means shes trying to get your attention and she likes you a lot, but she doesn't know what to do so she tries to get your attention hoping you will have the courage to ask her out because she likes you and wants you as her boyfriend!!!!

What should you do if your friends are trying to get lots of attention and is very weird and you are completely annoyed by it?

If ignoring it isn't working, talking to them and asking them to stop is another idea.

What does it mean when a duck bobs its head up and down?

Usually they are trying to mate because they see something that they like. At other times it can be they are just trying to get attention.

What is the English of nagpapapansin?

Trying to get attention

Why does my cat lick me?

its trying to get your attention

If a friend of yours always tries to make his friends bump into you does this mean he's trying to get your attention for something or does he like you?

I have a feeling that the friend of your friend is the one who likes you. And yes....they probably do. When someone likes someone else they're going to try to be close that person. Trying to get some sort of physical contact because they're attracted to you. Also, your friend could also like you and is just shy about getting close to you so his/her friends get your attention instead. I hoped this helped... Sincerely, Viola.

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