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Yes, a guy can like more than one person. Liking someone isn't the same as love; you can easily like more than one person but you can only love one person. -DJ Craig

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โˆ™ 2005-11-21 03:14:51
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Q: Does a guy like you when he says that he likes someone else?
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What does it mean when your bf says he likes someone else?

He dose not like you that all.

What if a girl acts like she likes you and she is dating someone else?

if she acts like she likes you ask her . if she says no then she is jus flirting with you.

You like a boy who likes someone else?

Well tell that boy that you like him and ask the girl that he likes if she likes him, if she says no than he is all yours!

What does that mean if the guy you like says we need to talk?

Neither its to tell you something important like he likes you back or that he likes someone else:)

What do you do if the girl you like says she likes someone else?

If you really like her, you won't do anything as long as she's happy.

You like this guy and there are rumors that he likes you and that people say are true and you like him but he says he likes someone else how can you get him to ask you out when you both are in fifth g?

Well, first of all, if he says he likes someone else, I would believe him, and not the rumors. But he may be upset about the rumors, and that does give you something to talk about, maybe, over a hamburger.

There is a boy who I like a lot He always flirts with me and teases me but he says he likes someone else Are there any signs I can look for to see if he likes me?

Don't waste your time hun, it seems like he's only messing you about. If he likes someone else, then he likes someone else. Surely you can do better than him anyway :) Good luck

What does it mean when a guy says he likes you but says he doesn't also?

It means he's not sure yet. Or he likes u and someone else.

Say your 13 and you like a guy a year older than you but he says he likes someone else?

then you ditch him and go find some one else

Your fifteen and you still like your ex but he says he likes someone else what do you do?

Obviously, he isn't passionate about you. there are plenty of other boys out there...

How do you tell a guy that likes you that you like someone else?

Walk away. Ignor them. Dont show any attention to them. Go talk to someone else. If he talks to you and says he likes you just say sorry I like someone else walk a way. If he keeps following you then he is a creep. Sorry if this didn't give very much info. This is what I did with a similar problem.

If you have a crush on a guy and you have a friend ask him if he likes you and he says yuck could he actually like you if he told you he liked someone else?

There is a possibility.

Does he mean it when he says it's me?

Well it depends now doesnt it. like do you think hes cheating? or he judt likes someone else?

A boy says he likes you what now?

If you like him also go on a date with him. If you dont like him say sorry but I like someone else, I would really like to be friends though.

He says he likes you but hes emotionless?

He is thinking about someone else and doesn't want to hurt you.

What does it mean if a guy your in a relationship with breaks up with you and says to you he has mixed feelings for you?

He is saying that he likes you but he also likes someone else.

What if a guy breaks up with his girlfriend and he likes you but then says that he likes another girl?

Maybe if he does like someone else them maybe he just wants to be friends wih you and maybe he isn't the one...

If a boy kisses a girl then tells another girl he loves her who does he like?

He likes the girl he kisses unless it was an he didn't mean to kiss that girl. or he likes the girl he kisses and lies and says he like someone else

What if the guy you like likes your friend but she does not like him back?

Great friend you have. If the guy says he likes your friend to her face she should say how she doesn't like him and he should go for someone else.( and kinda point how he should like you, but not in a obvious way.)

When your 11 year old boyfriend says his heart is to someone else's does it mean he likes his girlfriend?

He is telling you that he likes another girl.

What does it mean when you're long distance bf says I miss talking with you?

He likes someone else

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he likes you but not as much as he used to?

It might mean that he met someone else...

What do you do if your crush might like someone else?

you should find the courage to ask him out, if he turns u down, u may ask him why, if he says he likes someone else u may just have to move on, but there is always hope

Does a guy like you if you see him and try to ignore him as much as possible and talk to someone else but then he says something to try and make you laugh?

Yes he likes you.

What does it mean when someone says your crush likes you but your crush says that they like you as a friend?

believe the crush and when you. do tell your crush you like him or her

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