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Yes. otherwise it would not be a landline phone.

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2012-06-17 15:08:18
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Q: Does a landline phone need a phone jack to work?
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Can you do work-at-home customer service jobs with your cell phone or must you have home phone service?

You will need a landline phone to work as a customer service representative at home. Most companies will require you to have this in order to apply with their company but some of them will reimburse you for the charges. You can find good deals with AT&T.

How do you find your mobile number on vodafone?

Try dialling *#100# on the phone. If that doesn't work, just dial a landline and do 1471.

What are some reasons to keep a landline home phone?

Having a landline would be good to have in case of a power outage-your cell might run out of battery and you wouldn't be able to recharge it. Simple landline phones still work in power outages. Cell phones are also easy to break or lose, so having a landline is good for when that happens.

How can I contact a Vodafone cell phone user in Romania from US Skype cell and landline won't work?

The country prefix for Romania is 0040.

Does internet work without home phone?

You don't need a Home Phone. But you need a Phone Line!

How does a Vonage phone adapter compare with a landline?

The Vonage Phone Adapter can actually connect your phone line to your high-speed internet. It will support up to two Vonage phone lines and is small, portable, and able to work anywhere in the world.

How does magic jack work in house phones?

you put it in the USB port of your computer and connect the phone to the magic jack

Does magic Jack work in Cuba?

Magic jack plus. Need to have internet

Will your MagicJack phone work on the Google Nexus 7 tablet?

No. It requires a computer (Windows, Mac), an internet connection, and a landline phone. Recently, you can connect the MagicJack to a wall outlet (no computer needed).

Can a 2.5mm mini jack headphone work in a 3.5mm jack?

No, you will need an audio adapter.

Do you need a phone connection to work nook?


How does Reverse Cell Phone look up work?

When you're using a reverse cell phone lookup company, they'll usually ask you for the phone number. They somehow take the phone number and find a connection to a person whether it be a landline or cellphone. It is usually a small fee.

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