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Q: Does a motor number on a Kawasaki motorcycle correspond to the VIN?
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Where is the oil filter on a 1979 Kawasaki 750 motorcycle?

underneath the motor...

Oil capacity for 2002 kawasaki 1500 vilcan?

The 2002 Kawasaki 1500 Balkan motorcycle engine oil capacity is 2 quarts. The motorcycle manufacturer recommends that you never overfill the motor oil.

Where can one buy a Kawasaki KX 85cc?

The Kawasaki Kx 85cc is a newer model of modern motorcycle and off road vehicle and can be bought at many Kawasaki licensed motor vehicle dealerships.

How do you tell the size of a kawasaki motorcycle engine?

You can tell the size of a Kawasaki motorcycle engine by reading the owner's manual that came with the bike. Sometimes, the size of the motor is written on the bike in cubic centimeters.

How do you run a Motorcycle motor number check?

To run a motorcycle motor number check you should take it to an authorized dealer. An authorized dealer will help you run the motor number check.

What model kawaskai is the engine number zx600EE?

Is the 95 Kawasaki ZX600 ZX6 motorycle Engine number ZX600EE 066029 and "E"motor or an "R" motor? What model kawasaki is it? I have a 95 Kawasaki ZX6 with engine number ZX600DE065150. Are these 2 engines the same?

Have a Kawasaki motor serial number EX250EEA06342 what size is it?

250 cc

What is size of Kawasaki motor serial number EX250EEA06342?

appears to be 250

What kind of motor oil for kawasaki motorcycle?

10w-40 none synthetic. sonny robertson from woodville Texas answered this question

Which motorcycle has the biggest motor?

I think the Truimph Rocket lll 2300cc has the greatest number of CCs: at least, that's the one that I've seen on the roads. I have also heard that even Kawasaki has a 2300cc bike.

Where at on the motor is the serial number on a kawasaki jetski engine?

on top the intake on the case

What are Kawasakis Harleys and Ducatis?

They are all manufacturers of motorcycles. Harley - Harley-Davidson, a US company. Kawasaki - Kawasaki Motorcycle Corporation, a Japanese company. Ducati - Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. is an Italian company.

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