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Does a nursing degree help in massage therapy?


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Yes, it can help. Choosing the right school is also very important. Check out and for qualified programs in your area.

As for the nursing degree, if you already have it, that is good but it is definitely not necessary.

Massage anatomy and physiology is a lot more focused on skeletal muscles and musculoskeletal pathology than nursing, per se. Most of the time nurses can use their massage education for CEU's.

Massage definitely helps in nursing. Having the massage certification as a nurse makes you very valuable to the patients, the hospital, and the doctors.


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It helps the pain but it doesn't reduce the degree of the spine by allot.

Massage therapy can help facial muscles and nerves regenerate by increasing blood flow to the area. Massage therapy alone will not regenerate muscles or nerves.

There is not massage therapy for nosebleeding. Since there may be a medical reason for this, if it continues to occur, you should consult with your doctor.

Remedial massage therapy may help improve the quality of life for someone with Dowager's hump. It will not correct the problem, especially if it has progressed to a severe degree. What massage can do is help the muscles associated with their posture and make them more comfortable and relieve some of the discomfort and pain associated with it.

The LA Vocational Institute: School of Massage Therapy is probably what you are looking for. If that doesn't help try; .

Good Massage therapy is used to help manage a health condition & enhance wellness. So save here exclusive styles of massages, with the bedpage you can get the best massage therapy in Washington or your selected area. Also choose various types of massages like Asian massage, massage spa, Swedish massage, B2B massage, or more at very suitable prices with benefits.Visit - Washington.bedpage

It stimulates it in a natural way to help it develop and function at its best.

One of’s top 2 best jobs for the young and restless, massage therapy is rapidly growing field that is expected to increase by 24% over the next 1 years.Massage therapists often have the freedom to be self-employed and are able to work in a variety of environments.Massage therapists are employed by hospitals, fitness centers, nursing homes, shopping malls, resorts, and more.Many massage therapists travel to homes and offices.Regardless of location, massage therapy is a rewarding career that offers independence and flexibility. A career in massage therapy generally begins with massage school or a massage therapy program.For most states, completion of a massage therapy program is a requirement for practicing massage therapy.With approximately 1,5 massage therapy schools and training programs across the nation, there are plenty of schools to choose from.However, according to the American Massage Therapy Association only approximately 3 of these programs are accredited. Massage therapy programs are also offered online.Sonoma College, an accredited online college, offers a Massage Therapy Certificate Program that provides a 735 hour Advanced Massage Therapy certificate.Sonoma’s Massage Therapy Program trains students in holistic principles combining both Western and Eastern techniques.Online Massage Therapy Programs such as these provide valuable training and help new massage therapists begin successful careers with a strong foundation. Well-rounded massage therapy programs provide training on more than massage techniques.After teaching subjects such as anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, many programs prepare massage therapists for a career with courses in business, ethics, and accounting.Also, advanced and specialized programs delve deeper into the 8 different types, or modalities, of massage.These courses allow massage therapists to specialize in Swedish massage (provided by 82% of massage therapists), sports massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, trigger point massage, and neuromuscular massage. Another mark of a quality massage school is a job placement program.Many massage schools prove the value of their courses by placing their graduates in entry-level jobs, gaining new massage therapists the experience necessary to thrive in their careers. Once a massage therapist has completed an education program he or she is qualified to take the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB).A passing score on the NCETMB is required by many states.

Massage therapy is the manipulation of tissues- almost exclusively muscle tissue. Massage therapists, especially medical massage therapists are trained in things like joint mobilizations, stretches, and have a deep understanding of anatomy- but do not help to treat or repair serious damage to tissues the way a physical therapist would. The main idea of massage therapy is to help the client relax, reduce pain and minor swelling, release tense or stuck muscles, and improve circulation so that the body functions more efficiently. Physical therapy is usually a series of stretches/exercises done to help improve range of motion, joint mobilization, and help get your body regain normal movement and function.

Getting into massage therapy is as easy as enrolling in a school near you, in a private school, career education program, or community college program. Most states have a massage therapy regulation board so all schools in those states have to have their programs approved. What may help you decide is to actually visit the school you intend to attend to get a feel for their atmosphere. Since you will most likely spend at least 500 hours either giving, getting, or talking about massage, it would be a good idea to make sure that the school has a "positive vib." Also, a lot of schools have a career services department that will help you get a job in massage therapy once you graduate so you can start your career in massage therapy after graduation.

Some medical conditions that massage therapy can help are: allergies , anxiety and stress, arthritis, asthma and bronchitis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive motion injuries, chronic and temporary pain

Not exactly, but massaging will help you relax.

Massage therapy schools let you learn a new skill set which may lead to a new career path. You may also learn some new things about your body and how to help yourself.

Occupational therapy in nursing homes help patients recover and improve motor functions to help them with basic functions such as eating, bathing and walking. Following illness or an accident, many elderly patients suffer mobility or reasoning problems that occupational therapy works to help the develop new ways to be independent.

Massage therapy is the manipulation of deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using all kinds of techniques. This technique is used to enhance function, aid in the healing process and decreasing muscle reflex activity.

According to studies conducted by researchers, application of healthy massage therapies to asthmatic patients daily improves airway caliber and control of asthma.

A wide variety of individuals use massage therapy services. Both men and women, children and infants use massage therapy. There are many types of techniques that massage therapists can use for a variety of goals. The two most common reasons people receive massage therapy services are 1) relaxation and 2) pain relief. Massage therapy, particular relaxation strokes increases immune function, circulation, muscle tone, and often improves sleep particularly the evening after the massage. Pain relief or tension relief massages can be used to break up and loosen knots and provide muscle relaxation as well as deactivation of areas of pain. Athletes often use massage therapy as part of a warm up and/or cool down. Some strokes can stimulate muscle reaction and help the performance of the athlete. In a cool down massage, toxins that build up in muscles during physical activity are released from the muscles to avoid soreness and help facilitate toxin removal from the body. They can also use maintenance massages to help keep their bodies toned and muscles oxygenated and prepared for quick action or endurance depending upon the sport they participate in. Individuals recovering from surgery may also use massage therapy services to aid in the recovery process as well as reduce the visibility of scars formed by the surgery. These are the main groups of individuals who use massage therapy, but there are many others (such as individuals with specific chronic diseases) where massage therapy is beneficial and they use massage as part of their maintenance.

Speech therapy is just as the title suggests it helps the residents with speech problems and some also help with swallowing problems. The therapy identifies problems with the speech and communications and develops plans to help overcome these problems.

To help other people get healthier, and myself as well in the process of helping others.

All states are different. In the state on Indiana a person can become a nursing home administrator with any bachlor's degree. My best guess is that most states are the same. The pshychology degree will help you more than you know in a nursing home.

Massage cannot do anything for a brain aneurysm. If it is cleared by a doctor, a gentle massge may help the person relax and take some of the anxiety away, but it will not change the condition, only the coping mechanism.

If going to school is not an ideal option for you, they offer courses to help you obtain a degree online.

With all of the stress in the world, massage therapy training would be a good choice for a career. There is nothing quite like the proper massage that can relieve the stress of the most anxiety-filled person. Massage therapy training is available and there is more to it than most people may think. To be trained in massage therapy is to be trained in how to touch. By manipulating the soft-tissue muscles of the body the right way, pain can be alleviated, tired and tight muscles can become relaxed, stress is reduced, injuries can be rehabilitated and someone's overall health can improve. To decide to enroll in massage therapy training, it is necessary to know what type of massage can be learned. There are over 80 different kinds of massage and these are called modalities. Deep-tissue massage, reflexology, sports massage, Swedish massage and acupressure are just a few of the modalities that are in existence. Massage therapy training requirements and standards can change from state to state, and even by city to city. It is common to need to have at least 500 hours or more of training and study to receive a license to practice massage therapy. To enroll in an accredited program for massage therapy, only a high school diploma is required. There are schools that are strictly dedicated to learning massage therapy and techniques. There are also programs that can be found in either public or private institutes. Some of the courses that are needed in a program will include anatomy, kinesiology, ethics, physiology and business management. A good program to find would be one that can help find employment when the program has been successfully completed. It is possible to learn massage therapy either part-time or full-time which makes it convenient if the student is already employed elsewhere. State regulations vary in the way that they require massage therapists to keep up their education. There is always a need for more education on massage therapy since techniques could be improved and changed over the years.

Some patients use massage as adjunct therapy for their Migraine attacks. For some it is helpful, for others it is not. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment advice, seek the help of a physician or headache specialist.

There is no difference between those terms, they are referring to the same thing since all massage is therapeutic, therefore, all therapeutic massage is part of massage therapy. Other opinions: Massage Therapy is a general term for all the forms of massage available to be practiced by certified or licensed massage therapists. Therapeutic massage is a type of massage offered to those looking for health and wellness benefits. Therapeutic massage can combine many different types of massage in order to help a client with aches and pains or limited range of motion. There is a type of massage called Therapeutic Touch, which is a type of energy work that allows practitioners to sense imbalances in the body and correct them with a non-invasive touch. They will use a very light touch or hold a hand over the spot where an imbalance is sensed and will use energy to break up the blockages that may be causing chronic pain.

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