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Q: Does a pastor have to declare his salary?
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What is the salary for a pastor?

The average salary for a pastor in the US is $80.000.

What is approximate salary of pastor johnny hunt?


If you give your tithe to the church who it belongs to the pastor?

The tithe money does not belong to the pastor. It belongs to the church and they have a budget determining how the tithes will be used to carry out the ministry of the church and meet their legal obligations. The pastor is paid a salary. Some pastors don't receive a salary if they already have another income. Rabbi's receive a salary too.

First baptist church of woodstocks pastor johnny hunt's salary?

That would be none of your business.

What is the salary of a catholic diocese priest in Philadelphia Archdiocese?

Parish Priest 35,000 to 45,000 Pastor 45,000 to 55,000

What is a co-pastor?

A co-pastor is like an assistant pastor who helps out the main pastor.

Where is Pastor?


How can a pastor ordain a pastor?

when a pastor is anointed the holy spirit tells him what and how he will odain his own pastor

What is the average annual salary of a pastor in Canada?

According to the median salary by years of experience is: 1 - 4 years $34,382 5 - 9 years $ 37,570 10 - 19 years $41,924 20 years or more $59,892

Who has the authority in the local church of the COGIC the Jurisdictional Bishop or the Pastor?

well it depends If the pastor dies the bishop becomes the pastor but if not the pastor is always in charge well it depends If the pastor dies the bishop becomes the pastor but if not the pastor is always in charge

What is the proper spelling of co-pastor?

Co-pastor is correct.

What nicknames does Pastor Troy go by?

Pastor Troy goes by The Pastor.

What is female pastor called?

In the Prodestant religions, there is no difference in the pastor title. Pastor Jane is just as appropriate as Pastor John.

Can a woman pastor marry a man who is not a pastor?

Yes, in many protestant churches a female pastor can marry someone who is not a pastor.

If a pastor has been voted out of his position as pastor by the majority of the congregation can he reinstate himself as pastor?

If the Pastor was voted out in accordance with the constitution and by laws of the church then he cannot reinstate himself as Pastor.

What does a pastor have to have to be a good pastor?

they have to get degrees

Is pastor chris a professor?

No, he is a Pastor

What is the German word for pastor?


Abbreviation of pastor?

There is no abbreviation for Pastor, simply use Pastor, some use Rev.

What does the church do with the tithes?

The tithes are used for several things like paying the pastors salary, the electric bill, the telephone bill, the parsonage where the pastor stays and supporting the mission fields.

What is the abbreviation for associate pastor?

Assoc. Pastor

The richest pastor in Nigeria?

Pastor Oyedepo

Can a pastor get married?

No, not if he is a Roman Catholic pastor

What is the Greek word for 'pastor?

Pastor basically means Father, so Pateras or Papas.

What is the birth name of Pastor Lorenzo?

Pastor Lorenzo's birth name is Pastor Lorenzo Sol.