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Does a pool cover make the pool hotter or cooler?


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it depends if you have a pool heater


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Swimming pool water will almost always be cooler than 98.6 degrees which is your body temperature, anything cooler than 98.6 will feel that way.

A screened in pool may be cooler thank a pool outside. This is because it will get more shade and may be out of the sun more.

A pool cover is called a POOL COVER. (KISS.. (keep it simple, stupid).

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A solar cover will help keep the heat it gained from the sun that day in your pool. Evening temperatures are typically lower and the cooler airs 'pulls' the heat out of the pool. You can't see it except at a pool with a see like a 'fog' over the surface of the pool. So leave it on overnight to maintain the heat in the water

It serves no purpose to leave the cover on the pool.

An Automatic Pool Cover is an automatic pool cover system that covers and uncovers a pool automatically. The Auto Pool Reel is similar to manual pool cover and reel but fully automatic. No manual effort is required just push a button.

Normally a pool cover comes with a real at one end of the pool when the time comes to pull back the pool cover you turn the handle at one end of the real and the pool cover rolls onto it.

I recently broke my pool cover. How much, on average, would a brand new pool cover cost me?

Your grammar is really bad. Is there not an "A" between make and liquid?

Pool safety is extremely important for you and your loved ones. As much fun as a pool in your backyard can be, a pool safety cover for the off season is an absolute must. Here are some useful tips to put to use on your pool in the off season. The portion of your pool or deck area that will come into contact with your pool safety cover should be protected by padding. Neglecting the padding can cause friction between your pool cover and the wood of your deck or the metal edge of your pool. Prolonged friction can cause your pool safety cover to wear down or tear. Be careful maintaining your pool, even if the pool safety cover is in place. Keep your pool safety cover taut, and if necessary make adjustments throughout the season.

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Any type of material that is A) Thick B) Make sure the material is an not made of any type of Insulator like paper or wood C) The best type of pool cover that keeps your pool warm and clean is better off to be a plastic cover.

Probably because its cooler in deeper water, kind of like the deep end of the pool is cooler that the kiddie pool.

Empty the pool and place it upside-down on the cover. Trace with razor.

Where can I buy replacement for power pool cover

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Pool worms they come from the trees and blow into the pool. Keep up on the chlorine, make sure the levels are right and use the pool cover when it is not in use. The chlorine will eventually kill them and they will be filtered out.

I fold my pool cover like folding my blanket. Hope that's works for you.

Yes , If the Sun and the ambient temperature is hotter than the pool water

It's not possible to add optimizer plus to a pool with the solar cover on. You will need to remove the solar cover from part or all of the pool in order to put optimizer or other pool treatment products into your swimming pool water.

Try a tarp or a pool cover.

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