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stagnet or still water attracts mosquitos weather salt brackish or chlorine Not your pool. A salt water pool IS a chlorinated pool if the system is working properly.

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Do canals attract mosquitoes?

If there is standing water in the canal. Then yes it would attract mosquitoes. Generally any body of water, even a fast moving stream will have a higher density of mosquitoes than a more arid environment.

How do Mosquitoes Multiply?

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water then a male fertilizes them. This is why areas with not running water tend to have more mosquitoes.

Why do somebody attract mosquitoes more than others?

bcuase some peeps have like this thing called a phenioshtypio which makes them more suseptible to the midges :]

Are mosquitoes more attracted to diabetics?

It is a common misconception that mosquitoes like "sweet blood" or people who smell like sugar. If you have type 2 diabetes, you likely have higher sugar levels, but this will not attract a mosquito.

What is a more exact noun for water?

That's it water. You can make it more exact by adding an adjective to describe the noun eg dirty water chlorinated water salt water tap water etc

What is the common infection during flood?

Malaria is spread by mosquitoes whose pupal stage is confined to water. Increased standing water means more mosquitoes and higher infections.

What good things do mosquitoes do?

Mosquitoes are eaten by animals such as bats, and without them those animals might come extinct. They also can clean pollution out of water as a baby. Get more info at google search what good do mosquitoes do to us? Hope you liked my answer.

Does a untidy room attract more mosquitoes than a normal one?

Most forms of untidiness do not affect the behavior of mosquitoes, but you should be wary of leaving any open breeding grounds for mosquitoes to avoid infestations. Mosquitoes will use stagnant water as a place to lay eggs, so make sure that you have no still bodies of water in your living quarters to avoid a large number of pests. And remember also, that open food left in the room will attract other unwanted pests, such as ants, mice, and so on. Keep your room clean of trash, food, and pools of water, and you will avoid the most common types of pests. Having used clothes laying around or otherwise being generally untidy should not bring about pests, but it has been proven that a tidy room will help improve your health by mental association (a clean body lives in a clean room).

Why does water weigh more then gasoline?

Water weighs more than gasoline because the particles in water are more dense than those in gasoline. This is because water molecules are highly polar and tend to attract each other. Gasoline molecules are not nearly as polar and do not attract each other.

Why do plants manage to attract more water in osmosis?

Osmosis the transfer of water through the cell. So when in osmosis the cell needs more water.

Are there mosquitoes in New Orleans in the Summer?

Yes, there are. There is a higher chance of stagnant, standing water lying around because of pools due to the heat, so mosquitoes tend to be more prevalent.

Is chlorinated Paraffin wax liquid or solid form?

Chlorinated Paraffin wih chlorine content more than 67-69 % , its powder form. Other grades with Chlorine below 65% is liquid...More details contact : venusimpex@yahoo.com .......they supply Chlorinated Paraffins

Why do mosquitoes bug us so much?

Mosquitoes are actually attracted to smell. The more you smell the more they will stab you.

Does Cancun have a lot of mosquitoes?

Not really, but it would depend on the season and weather conditions (e.g. after a hurricane, expect an increase on the mosquito population due to more probability of finding standing water, where mosquitoes breed).

What type of water contains chlorine?

Any water which has had chlorine added to it. Swimming pools don't go out and buy chlorinated water from someone who has a lake full of the stuff, or anything like that. They use tap water, and add some chlorine. +++ Mains supply water is filtered then chlorinated at the treatment works, but to only about 2ppm. Swimming-pools work at 2 - 4ppm so more chlorine-donor is added to the pool.

Why are Africans more vulnerable to malaria?

its because there are more mosquitoes in africa. it is a tropical climate, so the mosquitoes breed like rats.

What color attracts mosquitoes?

mosquitoes are more attracted to blue than any other color.

Which country free from mosquitoes?

Iceland is the country which is more free from mosquitoes, than any other.

Your neighbors 5000 gal pool collapsed and the chlorinated water saturated your vegetable garden are the veggies still safe to eat?

Better not try eating it. There are concerns about free radical formation and other nasty compounds with vegetables and chlorinated water. Vegetables seem a little more sensitive to it than people. My advice would be to bin the veggies.

Which perfume fragrances are more likely to act as a mosquito magnet?

Perfumes, colognes, shampoos and body lotions can act as mosquito magnets. Those with floral or fruity scents are the most likely to attract mosquitoes.

Where do mosquitoes come from?

Some mosquitoes lay eggs on the surface of the water while others will lay eggs in the wet, boggy ground surrounding water. This is why swarms are more seen during the summer months around bogs and wetlands. They can lay eggs on the ground surrounding water that lay dormant until water floods the ground.

Is chlorinated rubber a PCB?

PCB's are odorless, tasteless, clear to pale-yellow, viscous liquids (highly chlorinated mixtures are more viscous and deeper yellow). Chlorinated rubbers might become contaminated with PCB's since they would be permeable to the liquids, but are not themselves PCB's

Why can it be said that mosquitoes negative effects on the Floridian environment?

Florida is a moist envirnment. which means mosquitoes are more abundant. some mosquitoes carry diseases which can kill some people. maybe there population of mosquitoes is to high

Does the color of water affects its evaporation?

yes, colors attract and conduct more heat to evaporate

Do darker leaves attract more light energy from the sun?

They dont attract more light, but they do absorb more light. They dont attract more light, but they do absorb more light.

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