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Does a salt water system rust an above-ground pool?

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Salt water pools are slightly more corrosive to iron then fresh water pools , however the concentration of salt in them is very small and corrosion is usually not a problem

You should keep im mind however that it would be preferable to use materials that are corrosion resistant in these situations as in time galvanized iron parts will corrode.

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What can Remove rust from water in swimming pool?

To remove rust from the water in a swimming pool, shock the pool until the water is clear of everything other than the rust staining. Then run the filter, backwashing frequently until the rust is gone.

Will salt water system harm a stainless steel pool filter?

Yes, it will rust the steel

How long does it take to get the rust color out of pool?

Is the water rusty color? Or is the rust color on the pool finish - plaster or vinyl or fiberglass?

How do you get rust stains out of a gunite pool?

Muriatic Acid will get rust stains out of a Gunite Pool. To prevent rust, it is recommended to keep pH level of the water slightly acidic.

How do you get rid of a rust colored algae in a swimming pool?

How can I get rid of rust colored stains in my salt water pool. It is only in the shallow end?

Will stainless steel rust in a pool?

Stainless Steel and PoolsEventually, yes, stainless steel will rust if left in a pool. *Yes - bleach will cause stainless steel to rust and chlorine is found in pools. Ergo, pool water will cause rust on stainless steel items.

What do you put in the pool to eliminate the rust when you fill a 15' x 42 inch pool with city hard water?

AnswerIt's very tough to remove rust stains if they are already established. It sounds like you have an aboveground pool, possibly purchased at Canadian Tire. You can use a sequestering agent (such as Aqua Min-Out) to keep the rust-causing minerals in solution (in the water) so that they don't stain the pool. To remove existing stains, you can try dropping some granular PH Minus (PH Down) into the water so that it settles onto the rust spot or spots. Obviously, this will only work on the bottom of the pool and if the water is still. In addition, ensure that you have your water professional tested to determine the Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Stabilizer levels. Poor water balance can cause problems with the liner, and if the alkalinity is low, any metal parts (in the pump, etc.) will rust. AnswerTry BioGuard's product called Pool Magnet. It is great for removing various metals from the water. Just a little added detail you can also purchase a filter that screws onto the end of your hose so the water is filtered clean of minerals before it even reaches your pool water.

Will salt water system rust your metal above ground pool?

salt water will rust, corrode and eat away any metal that does not have a good protective coating on it if there is a scratch or flaw in that coating the rust will start and continue to spread like a cancer unless stopped and taken care of Yes

Will muriatic acid remove rust from swimming pool?

It can be used to remove rust stains caused by swarf or some metalic object lef laying in the pool. however if the rust is a result of reinforsement having come in cotact with the water No.

How do you get rust color out of above groud pool?

the rust color is from metals in the water you need a metal control chemical try sparkle brand conquest

How do you get rid of rust in a vinyl pool?

I have the same question. A screwdriver was laying at the bottom of my pool throughout the whole winter, now there is a rust mark about 2in by 2in in the bottom of my pool. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove it without clouding my water or damaging the vinyl liner?

If there is rust in your water supply how would you clean it to fill a small rectangular plastic pool?

Rust in your water is caused by iron in your water supply. You can get a water softner and use the softened water to fill your pool, or you can fill your pool with the rusty water and use a scale and metal out chemical that you could purchase at any local pool dealer. If you choose to purchase the scale and metal out I would recommend taking a sample of your water so that they can test to find out the level of iron in your water. They then could instruct you on how much of the product you should use to clear your water up.

You built a deck around your pool and now the water has turned green why?

Water rust everyyhing try getting a new one.

Why is the tap water rust colored?

Usually it could be that there is rust in your water causing this. It also could be your pipes or the water system through out your community meaning its not just your house.

Is it okay to have iron in your pool water?

No,iron rusts and rust turns to algae and it takes a lot of chlorine and shock to clean a pool after there has been algae growing in it. Or it could tear the liner of your pool do not put iron in your pool

How can rust be removed from the side of a concrete pool?

I read an article about removing rust from the side of a concrete pool, try to use a oxalic acid.

Will a silver dollar rust in the bottom of a pool?

A silver dollar cant rust, however you may get some oxidation as pool chlorine is an oxidant .

My pool is above ground pool I have some rust spot on the outside walls can I paint it and question When you touch them it springs a leak is the water coming from my pool areis it moister that's behin?

The wall is rotted and your pool is unsafe. Time for a new pool.

Do you need to drain your pool because it has brown water?

Yes, only use clear clean water in your pool {;-). Seriously, why is it brown. If it is from rust, then you can purchase a clarifier at your pool store. If it is from leaf decomposition, then Chlorine will eventualy take care of it. If it is from pee, it is your call.

Steel pool vs gunite pool which is better?

Gunite, cement does not rust.

How did water rust the fastest?

Water does not rust

If you have lots rust on the bottom of pool and used sequasol last month 32 oz and 12oz last week why when I vac all the rust shoots through the jets?

You should Vacuum to waste. that way you remove it from the system altogether, you will loose a few inches of water doing it however.

Why does your inground pool with vinyl liner have pinprick size rust stains especially on the fiberglass steps and adjoining spa?

If you use a brillo pad or something similar to clean the steps, tiny metal fibers fall into the water and create rust stains. Water contains metals - if the PH is not correct in your pool, the metals can rust. The most likely place to attach is the steps as the are usually flat and have the least water movement when the pool / spa is not in use. There are a myriad of products out there to correct this problem...most can be found at any pool supply store - usually call metal remover....imagine that

How do you get rid of rust particles in your swimming pool from a heater causing cloudy yellow water?

First of all call a pool company! Are you sure that you don't have a "mustard" algae problem? The heater needs to be looked at and the only way to get rid of rust particles is to vac to waste. You need to address the real problem because you don't want to swim in the pool the way it is. A pool company will test your water at a minimal cost and advise you for free. Rust deposits from your heater are possible if your heat exchanger is old and has glass lined headers. The glass installed by the manufacturer is starting to deteriorate and it is exposing the steel underneath. The rust swells and then breaks off.

What does muriatic acid do to metal?

Promotes rust and eats into some non ferrous metals However you cant get out of using it if you have a pool and it is nothing to be concerned about as the concentration in pool water is extremely low

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