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No it doesnt affect the school academic acheivments or the attendance but it causes an increase in behavioral issues and loss of time during classes because the children are uncomfortable looking like each other instead of expressing themselves.

Conversely:While those who currently/previously have worn uniforms tend to be vehemently against them, the truth is that they help. In schools where uniforms are implemented, students tend to be more successful because they come to school, dressed their best. The tendency among students is that those who are dressed in uniforms do perform better in school because they are not focused on the latest trends or possibly their lack of the monetary needs for these styles.As far as school safety, uniforms can prevent students from wearing gang related clothing. In many high schools the se of uniforms has significantly dropped gang related violence on their campuses. Also, uniforms tend to create a unifying denominator that allows for students to feel less threatened from their peers which can also decrease school bullying.

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Q: Does a school uniform affect school safety?
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