Does a small lottery win affect unemployment?

If you read each state's regulations pertaining to income, you're required to report ALL income in the week you receive it and they will adjust your benefits accordingly, especially if the amount exceeds the benefit.


Most States Unemployment Offices Have A Q&A Section Posted On Their Web Site Concerning Unemployment Benefits.

If You Win A Small Amount From The Lottery ($100 Up to Approx. $1000) You "Do Not" Have To Report The Winnings To Anyone.

You Would Be Required To Report Winnings That Would Require That You Go To The Local Lottery Office To Collect Your Winning. Usually You Would Also Be Required To Pay Taxes On Those Winnings. As Well As Report Those Winnings To The IRS At Tax Time. As Some States See Those Winnings As Income (At A Certain Dollar Amount).

But, If You Are Able To Collect Your Winnings At The Store Of Purchase, "Without Providing You Person Information" (Name, D.O.B., SS#). Then "NO" You Would Not Be Required To Report Your Winnings To Anyone! Remember The State Runs The Lottery ..... If You Owe Them .... They Would Get Theirs Before You Got Yours ...... Usually.