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Turbonator, Tornado, Cyclone, or whatever they are called, simply do not work. They do not increase H.P. nor Mileage. In fact they may hurt both. The Turbonator makes this claim and I quote. "More Power: Are you looking for more power from your wheels? Whether you have a stock or aftermarket intake system, the Turbonator can add up to 35 horsepower to your vehicle.* Fuel Savings : Turbonator users have reported MPG increases from 10 to 22 percent. Results will vary depending on your driving habits and the condition of your vehicle". These claims alone should send you running. A 22 percent increase in MPG on a car already getting 25 would be 5.5 MPG. Also a claim of an increase of 35 H.P. is ridiculous. The swirl effect they claim to create is already there with a stock system. There is no magic device to increase H.P. except a computer tuning chip. They will increase H.P. but usually at the expense of Mileage. Things like headers, dual exhaust, will give you a slight increase but at a high cost.

2006-09-07 15:28:21
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