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In the UK a Used Car dealer can sell cars from Home, this is quite normal.

It depends on the local zoning laws where he lives. It is also very normal here in Ky for people to sell cars from their home. In Ky you can sell up to 4 cars per year without having a dealer's license.

It really does depend on the law. I believe it would be a good idea to work out of your home being a dealer, but you must go by the law. According to the law in PA you have to own a lot in order to sell cars. But I hope they change the law soon.

A car dealer doesn't necessarily have a lot to sell cars he/she just have to know all the details of the car, the location, the price, the contact person and the place where they could see or test drive it(this situation is best for hot cars). But it is best of course to have a lot or a show room to get customers what they need or what they want to know in the spot.

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Q: Does a used car dealer need to have a location or lot or can he work out of his home?
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I have a car dealer license in Kansas. Do I need a separate used boat dealer license?

Contact your local DMV for your answer.

Is a building required at the business location of a used car dealer?

Each state handles used car dealers and licencing differently. What state are you asking about?

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In most states no, you can sell cars from your home and need no business address. Your state may be different. Ask when you apply for the license.

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I plan to open a used car dealer in kissimmee, florida, but I have not my car dealer license, i need to know the form i need to fill out to obtain my lisence before i continue to persut this ambition of mine, thnks, Omar

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What kind of license do you need to buy used cars from auctions not open to the public?

A dealer's license.

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A bond is required:Many used car dealers have been caught out in fraudulent deals over the yearsIf the used dealer does not satisfy his commitments and goes brokeAnd many more reasons

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