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In the UK a Used Car dealer can sell cars from Home, this is quite normal.

It depends on the local zoning laws where he lives. It is also very normal here in Ky for people to sell cars from their home. In Ky you can sell up to 4 cars per year without having a dealer's license.

It really does depend on the law. I believe it would be a good idea to work out of your home being a dealer, but you must go by the law. According to the law in PA you have to own a lot in order to sell cars. But I hope they change the law soon.

A car dealer doesn't necessarily have a lot to sell cars he/she just have to know all the details of the car, the location, the price, the contact person and the place where they could see or test drive it(this situation is best for hot cars). But it is best of course to have a lot or a show room to get customers what they need or what they want to know in the spot.

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How you can obtain dealers license in Florida?

You will need to contact the state, but first you will need a Used Car Dealer Bond or New Car Dealer Bond. It depends on what type auto dealer you are.

I have a car dealer license in Kansas. Do I need a separate used boat dealer license?

Contact your local DMV for your answer.

Is a building required at the business location of a used car dealer?

Each state handles used car dealers and licencing differently. What state are you asking about?

Where can I purchase used tires?

You will need to search your local yellow pages for a used tire dealer near you.

Do you need a place of business other than your personal address to get a used car dealer license?

In most states no, you can sell cars from your home and need no business address. Your state may be different. Ask when you apply for the license.

Where can a used Mitsubishi be found for sale?

Used Mitsubishi cars can be found for sale at your local Mitsubishi car dealer or local online car sales website, depending on your location. It is preferable to get your car from your local car dealer as you will get warranty, though.

How can you find a used Subaru dealer in the Plainfield Illinois area?

You can find a Subaru dealer in the Plainfield Illinois area by watching the television or listening to the radio. Commercials can give you the location of any local dealerships.

Where can one find a used Mitsubishi Pajero for sale?

Used Mitsubishi Pajero's can be found for sale at your local Mitsubishi car dealer or local online car sales website depending on your location. Generally it's best to buy from a car dealer as you will get a warranty with your used car.

Why do you need a used car dealer bond?

A bond is required:Many used car dealers have been caught out in fraudulent deals over the yearsIf the used dealer does not satisfy his commitments and goes brokeAnd many more reasons

Where can one find a used Maruti Alto listed locally?

You can find a used Maruti Alto listed in your local classified ads, and local used car dealer. You can also take a trip to your local Suzuki dealer to assist you with what you need.

Where can an individual buy used Fords?

An individual can buy used Fords at there nearest Ford dealer. If one is not located in a convenient location, a car dealership lot is an ideal area as well.

What can a home insurance calculator be used for?

"A homeowners insurance calculator gives you a rough estimate of how much homeowners insurance you need based on several variables such as geographical location, and square footage."

Where can a Dodge ram bumper be bought?

One location is AutoAnything. This is a website that sells auto parts. Another website is CARID. Of course, the buyer could also visit his or her local Dodge dealer or Used Auto Parts dealer.

What is dealer invoice?

Dealer invoice is a term used to describe dealer cost of the vehicle.

What kind of card do you need to purchase used cars from auctions not open to the public?

An automotive dealer or repair licence.

How do you start used car dealer?

First, work for a used car dealer atleast 6 to 12 months. Then prepare a good used car dealer business plan. Go from there.

Which automobile dealer in the area has the best truck for sale ?

It depends on your location. There are many used car lots where you can check out different trucks to find one that fits your budget.

How do you get car dealer's licenses in Florida?

I plan to open a used car dealer in kissimmee, florida, but I have not my car dealer license, i need to know the form i need to fill out to obtain my lisence before i continue to persut this ambition of mine, thnks, Omar

No, you do not need to verify. The license you agree to states it may only be used for home use.?

No, you do not need to verify. The license you agree to states it may only be used for home use.

What if the buyer only signed the contract and the dealer for a used car forgot?

Contracts generally need two signatory parties.

Is there a used machinery dealer in Des Moines, IA?

Yes, there is a used machinery dealer in Des Moines, IA. Just go to for more location and stores. There are several companies in that area that sell used machinery. You can try Iowa Machinery & Supply In located at 1711 2nd Avenue, Des Moines IA.

Can one purchase a used MPV at a Mazda dealer?

"You may purchase a used MPV at a Mazda dealer. Depending on the dealer itself, you may buy a variety of used and new vehicles to comply with your needs."

Car purchased used -- previous owner could have made an additional key. Vehicle is NOT secure from access by previous owner and I need to change the cars compute code. HOW?

If this can be done to your car only the dealer can do it. The cost will vary from dealer to dealer and manufacturer to manufacturer. You will have to call the dealer and ask.

Can dealer be an adjective?

No. Dealer is a noun (a person). Used with another noun (dealer discount, dealer incentives), it is a noun adjunct rather than an adjective.

What is role of the home directory?

The home directory is the location that you will be logged into and use when saving files and other activities. It also contains a number of files that are used by the login process and the process has to be able to go to some known location to find them.