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Does a video of Owen Hart's death exist?

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No, there are hoax videos floating around online. They are of separate events claiming to be Owen Hart's fall. They are not the real thing. If the video was available, it is doubtful they would be allowed to be linked to on WikiAnswers, due to it just not being appropriate. These types of things are often disrespectful to the friends and families of the victims.

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2021-01-27 05:22:11
yes it would indeed be disrespectfull 

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Where can you see Owen harts fall?

You can not see the video anywhere. If a video does still exist, it is property of the WWE.

Was Owen harts death suicide?

No. It was an accident

Is there anything about Owen Harts death?

Actually No. It was an accident

What caused Owen harts death fall?

Owen pulled the released cord by accident

Was the wwf to blame for owen harts death?

No. It was an accident and no one is to be blamed for it

Is Owen harts death fake?

No. It was real and it was an accident during a WWE pay per view event

Why dont the WWE put out owen harts death footage?

Because posting/telecasting such graphic footage is BANNED

Who is the king of harts?

The 'King of Harts' refers to Owen Hart's King of the Ring win in 1994.

Does photo of Owen hart autopsy exist?

No. Not A Photo Or A video

Why WWE and Internet hiding the death video of WWF superstar Owen Hart does the actual Death footage still exist?

Yes footage still exists and no one is hiding anything, it is by the request of the family that video not be released.

Is Owen Hart Bret Hart's brother?

Owen Hart is one of 12 children. he is also brothers with Bret'The Hitman" hart they often wrestled together i nthe WWF up until Owen Harts death in 1999.

Which one sHow is Owen harts actual fall?

Owen Hart's death occured during the Over the Edge PPV (discontinued) at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City (5/23/1999).

When was Owen harts date of birth?

Owen James Hart was born in Calgary, Alberta on May 7th, 1965.

Did Bret harts partner die?

which one Jim or owen owen's dead

Does a video exist of Owen Hart's fall and death?

If you are talking of his death, it was recorded but his actual death is not available for viewing online. What may help is I went to a site,and it showed pictures of him seconds before and after the death (fall). It only shows him on his back and being helped by paramedics.

Who was Owen harts girlfriend before he passed away?


What was the cause of Owen harts death?

An accident. During a love wwe event Owen hart was making an entrance from the top of the building using a rope when it broke and sent him on a free fall. He died as a result of the injuries suffered during the fall. It was an accident

Are there pictures of Owen Hart's death?

Yes there are pictures of Owens' fall on the internet. However there are none of his actual death or video.

What was Owen harts last televised match?

On May 23, 1999, Hart fell to his death in Kansas City, Missouri during the Over the Edge pay-per-view event

Witch part of Owen harts body hit the turnbuckle?

his throat and some of his chin hit the turnbuckle

What nicknames did Owen Hart go by?

Owen Hart went by The King of Harts, The Rocket, The Slammy Award Winning Owen Hart, The Sole Survivor, The Black Hart, Nugget, The Blue Blazer, and Oje.

Is Jimmy Hart related to Bret Owen and the other Harts?

No, Jimmy Hart is not related to any of the Hart family members.

Is Owen harts ghost real?

There have been sightings of the ghost at Kemper Arena. There is also this video that appeared on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUW8TKioiQ8 If you look to the bottom left of the Titantron, there appears to be a figure standing on the Railing. This video was taken on 5/18/08 at RAW which was held at Kemper Arena.

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