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In most cases yes, unless the people involved allow the children to remain in the Will. If the divorce is amicable by both parties then the wife or husband may even stay in the will. The norm is, that when people file for divorce they divide property/monies and settle on child custody. The existing Wills should be redone by a lawyer (or the person themselves) taking out their ex. Then it's up to each of them to decide if the children remain in each separate Will. Marcy

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Q: Does a will become null an void after divorce or is it still good when you marry someone else?
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Are you still marry in Mexico if divorce in the US?

no you are not.

My boyfriend is still married after 25yrs with one son and wants to marry me soon how do i know hes over his wifethey still talk on the phone?

well first of all he might want to get a divorce before he can marry you. if he won't get a divorce then does not want to marry you.

Can you marry someone else first then file for your divorce from your first wife?

No, not in the United States or all other Western countries. You can only be married to one person at a time. You must obtain a divorce before you remarry or your second marriage would be invalid. When you knowingly marry while still married to someone else you commit bigamy which is illegal.

Can you be married in customary rights and still marry someone else without getting divorced from my first wife?

If you live in a Western country such as the United States or Canada, no, you cannot marry someone else without getting a divorce and it bigamy is breaking the law.

Can a US citizen marry an illegal Mexican who still married of her illegal Mexican husband?

From what I understand, you can't marry anyone who is already married (unless they divorce their current partner or become a widow)

If your already married when your remarrying someone else will your marriage be legal after your divorced from your first husband or wife?

If you are still married when you marry your new spouse the second marriage will not be legal. Even if you divorce your first spouse during your second marriage, it will still not be legal. You have to be divorced BEFORE you marry again.

Is it legal to get married if your divorce isn't final in California?

No, it universally illegal to marry if you are already married and until the divorce is final you are legally still married.

Can you marry a minor and still become a police officer?


Did barry gibbs first wife ever marry of have children and is she still alive what did she after their divorce?

did she ever marry or have kids and what did she end up doing for a living

Your mother and father were married in 1964 but he has been out of the picture for almost thirty-nine years are they still considered married?

Unless there has be a legal divorce they are still legally married and if they tried to marry someone else they would be breaking the law.

If your divorce is not final in America but got married in another country?

You cannot legally marry if your divorce is not final, even if you go to another country it is still bigamy.

Can you marry without a divorce?

Do you mean can you get married if you're still married to another person? No. At least not in the US.

Did Selena Qunitanilla's mother divorce her father Abraham Quintanilla II?

no than r still marry.

If you sleep with someone in the middle of a divorce is it adultery?

If you are still married yes

Can you marry an illegal from the Philippines in the US who is technically still married and awaiting an annulment lottery without her having the annulment paperwork?

It is not legal to marry someone that is already married. Until you have the final divorce decree, you would be breaking the law to obtain a marriage license. Marrying someone who is already married is called bigamy.

Why does your ex come in your thoughts when you are about to marry someone else?

This is completely natural, if you absolutely hated your ex, this would still happen. It doesn't mean you still have feelings for him/her. If you are really doubting this future marriage, have a talk with your ex and consider your options, you can always get a divorce.

If a man left his wife for someone else 8 years ago why will he not let her get a divorce?

Only he knows for sure - speculating, he still has control of you, its a reason he does not have to marry the other person, he may not believe in divorce or for some unknown reason he may believe down the road he could come back.

Does an illegal alien from guatamala become legal resident or cizen by marrying a US citizen?

Yep, legal resident. Citizenship takes time. I'll marry you. I should add you can not marry someone to become legitimate AND you still must file all the proper paperwork. In other words you must actually marry out of love and not for citizenship.

Can on one get married while divorce in process in CA?

You're kidding, right? If you are still married, you can not legally marry another! No one cares if you have a divorce in progress or not. It's like being pregnant; you are either married (can't legally marry another) or you or divorced. There is no in between.

Can you be married going through a divorce marry somebody else at the same time according to calforina law?

No. Until your divorce is finalized by the court, you are still married. Getting married to a different person during your divorce proceedings would be bigamy.

As far as his divorce they said it was because he had an affair did he marry the woman he had an affair with and did Linda re marry does Brooke still resent her mother?

This question has nothing to do with the Greek mythology of Zeus or Aphrodite.

Can you marry after 32 years of abandment by your lost husband?

Unless you have good reason to believe that your husband is dead you still need to file for divorce. Abandonment is acceptable grounds for divorce in all states.

Can I marry my boyfriend even though he is still undergoing divorce proceedings in India?

I believe you can. Only if his marriage in India is not registered in the USA.

How do you prove your husband and you were still married at his time of death?

If you have a marriage certificate, that is your proof. If someone is contesting this, it is up to them to produce divorce documents. Even if you were in the process of getting a divorce at the husband's time of death, if there was no divorce decree, there was not yet a divorce.

If someone become Muslim can he still play basketball?

Yes, they still can.