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Does adding more sugar to milk change the pH?

No, sugar is not dissociated.

When sugar is added to milk after adding ice will it dissolve easily?


What are real life examples on dilution?

Adding water to a substance or adding milk(i think) to sugar.

Why is chocolate milk artificial?

Cows do not give chocolate milk. It is made by adding chocolate flavoring and sugar to white milk.

Is adding sugar in milk harmful?

yes it is as it forms crystals or stones in the stomach.

Why would a chemistry professor add sugar to his coffee before adding milk?

if you've ever added sugar to milk you'll know why. Also after that if you've poured milk on top of sugar you'll have a better understanding

Sugar dissolve faster in hot milk as compared to cold milk why?

The force of intermolecular attraction decrease by temperature increasing.

Is there sugar in custard powder?

Usually if the directions call for adding sugar, there is not. Some powders do add sugar and just need you to add milk.

Does adding powdered milk to gelatin make it stronger?

No, sugar does, this was my science project. -THANKS, this helped a lot

What is the difference of chocolate and cocoa?

Cocoa is the plant from which chocolate flavor is derived by processing and adding milk and/or sugar.

Making semi sweet chocolate from unsweetened?

That is usually done by adding sugar, milk, eggs, and other sweetners.

Another name for milk sugar?

Sugar milk.

Which carbohydrate is known as milk sugar and describe the chemistry of milk sugar?

The principal sugar in milk is lactose.

How can you use genetic modification to create a cow that produces chocolate milk?

This is something that is, even genetically, impossible to create. Chocolate milk is only made by adding sugar and cocoa to regular milk from a cow.

What type of sugar is in milk?

The sugar in milk is lactose.

What contributions of cereal are increased by additional milk?

Adding milk increases the calcium, vitamin D, sugar, and fat content. It also helps make the taste better, often.

What kind of cow makes chocolate milk?

None. Chocolate milk is made by simply taking milk from your average dairy cow (Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, etc.) and adding cocoa and lots of sugar to it.

What sugar is found on milk?

lactose is the sugar found in milk

What is the sugar called in milk?

The Sugar in Milk is called: Lactose

Is sugar in milk polar?

Sugar is polar whether it is in milk or not.

What can you do to make Coca Cola a healthier drink?

by adding milk in it :P by adding milk in it :P

What is the sugar in skim milk?

Lactose is the natural sugar in all milk.

Is milk a reducing sugar?

Yes. Lactose in milk is a reducing sugar.

Why type of sugar does milk contain?

Milk contains the sugar lactose.

How is milk condensed?

Condensed milk is a highly shelf-stable milk product made by evaporating much of the water from milk to create a thick, syrupy liquid, and adding sugar to it before canning the milk in a sterilized can. When well made, condensed milk can last unopened on the shelf for up to two years.