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Does an American father have any rights to his child that was born and still resides in Mexico?

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If the couple were not married then the father must establish paternity before any other action is taken, (custody, visitation, child support). Although it is possible for the child to hold dual citizenship the father would have to pursue parental rights issues through Mexican courts. The best option is to consult with an attorney who is knowledgeable in Domestic International Law. American Bar Association offers a free nationwide attorney referral service.

2006-08-02 12:43:47
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Q: Does an American father have any rights to his child that was born and still resides in Mexico?
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What if the child is born in Mexico and the American father is only 16 do the fathers American parents have any rights or the 16 year old father someone please reply need help?

Since the father is a minor, I would think that his parents have rights.

How does my child's father sign over his rights.?

To legally relinquish his parental rights he would need to file a Termination of Parental Rights petition in the state court in the county in which the child resides.

What rights does a father have if there is no court order but he pays monthly and the mother has custody and guardianship?

As many rights as the mother wishes to allow until the father protects himself with court ordered visitation and decision making rights. In some states, the father may have certain intrinsic rights, but you would need to provide where you reside and the state (or country if outside the USA) where the child legally resides.

Does illegal father have rights to his American born baby if American mother gives baby up for adoption?

Yes I think he does have rights if he is the child's father. Legal status shouldn't have any bearing.

Can your son's father voluntarily give up his parental rights you have never been married and you want him to?

Yes. He can file a Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) petition in the appropriate state court in the city or county where he resides.

Do you file for termination of parental rights in the state that you reside or the states that the other parent resides?

In the State where the child resides.

If not court order for visitation what right does a father have?

Parental rights or lack thereof completely depend on state law (or country if outside the USA) where the child legally resides.

Why does the us have more rights than Mexico?

maybe because Mexico chooses not no have rights

What rights would a Mexican have in Mexico?

Mexico is a signatory of the human rights declaration, so at the very least, Mexico has the same rights any Western nation would have.

If a father signs away his parental rights does he still have to pay child support in the state of New Mexico?

No, but he can't. see link

Who as legal custody of a child born to unwed parents in New Mexico?

The mother until the father has gone to court to get his parental rights.

Who is the father of the Bill of Rights?

the Father of the Bill of rights is James Madison

Can a father sign over parental rights to an unborn child in Alabama?

No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.No. The father has no parental rights until the child is born.

What are mining rights in Mexico?

You require a specific land grant issued by the government of Mexico. There should be no problem, as most mining operations in Mexico are carried by Canadian, English as well as some American companies.

Can a 16 year old choose to go live with his father that has no parental rights to him in New Mexico?

Not even if he did have parental rights. Children can have an opinion, but not a right to choose. see link below

If i become a Mexican American citizen do you waive your Mexican rights?

Last time I checked no. Even if you become a citizen of Mexico, you don't have all of the rights of native mexicans.

Is it possible for the father of your child to sign over parental rights without going to court if he is willing to do it?

Yes you could, but it's best to do it the legal way just in case the father has a change of heart. Good luck In the US any relinquishment of parental rights must be done according to the prescribed legal procedure of the state in which the child resides.

If the mother and the stepfather has legal custody what rights do the natural father have?

The rights of the natural father depends on if the father has given up his rights or not. If he has not given up his rights, he has the same rights as the mother, or as outlines in the custody order.

Does an underaged mother have parental rights?

Yes she does, but those rights are outlined/limited by the law in the state or country (if outside of the US) where she resides.

What rights does an American father have over his son when the divorce states mother has sole custody but father is required to pay support?

none except standardized visitation.

What does a father do to get parental rights?

A biological father who was married to the mother has specific parental rights unless a court has ruled otherwise . If there is a question/disagreement as to custody, visitation, support, etc. the parent wishing to establish the criteria should file suit in the family court in the state and county where the minor child currently resides. If the couple were not married the law presumes the mother to be the sole custodian of the minor child. If the mother refuses to allow the father his parental rights the father must first establish paternity and then file a lawsuit to attempt to obtain custodial and/or visitation rights if he that is his wish.

Can a father simply sign over his rights in VA?

No, a father cannot simply sign his rights over. There has to be extreme circumstances for a father to be granted his rights terminated.

What custody rights does a illegal father have if he was never married to the mother who is a citizen?

Immigration status has no bearing on issues such as parental rights and responsibilities in the United States. What does matter is prevailing law where the child legally resides. Since you have not provided the state (or country) in question, an accurate answer cannot be provide.

Will a child born in Mexico to a Mexican mother and a US father be list as Mexican or US citizan?

It would be both Mexican American with equal rights. The child would be considered to have dual citzenship, But the parents can also petition to have the child considered 100% Mexican or 100% American, I believe that it would be their choice.

How can A boyfriend adopt a girlfriends son?

I believe that you would have to go to your town or state house and get the paper work. I think it would be the same as adopting a child who isn't your girlfriends. It may also depend on the state the child resides in and if the father still has child rights to the kid. You may then have to custody battle the father (these is a rare case and the father, whom of which does not want anything to do with the child, should easyly give up his rights)