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Everyone deserves a second chance. Not too quickly though. They need plenty of time in between to regret what they did. -DJ Craig

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โˆ™ 2005-11-15 04:47:50
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Q: Does anyone deserve a second chance?
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Is the cheater deserve a second chance?

He deserves a second chance but not a third chance. ^_^nope because he did it once and could do it again

Is there anyone willing to give a second chance to someone who has made poor choices in the past Is there anyone out there who doesn't discriminate against a criminal background?

I'm looking for a second chance too. No i don't have a criminal background but i have made some very poor choices. I think the fact that we realise that shows we have grown and do deserve a second chance. I want nothing more

Cet can a passed supplementary get cet ranking?

yes they have to get it..even they deserve a second chance

What do you do when your ex-girlfriend comes back in your life?

I think the key word is "EX" girlfriend. If she hurt you once before, don't take the chance on a second time. People say "Everyone deserves a second chance" not everyone does deserve a second chance. Is she one of those people that does not deserve a second chance. Your heart and mine are your own. Before sharing these again with her, is she really worth it? I hope you make the right choice for yourself.

If your boyfriend cheated on and you broke up and now he wants you back should you give him a second chance?

Yes you need to give a second chance to every one what if your bf really want you to come back to him again it means that your bf really love you even he cheats on you every one of us deserve a second chance but that depends on you if you think your bf will do that again then don't give him a chance but remember every one of us deserve a second chance

Why does the White Witch deserve a second chance in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?

I don't remember when she gets a second chance, but I know that Aslan is depicted at the Christ-like character, so he gives everyone another chance because of that.

Does a friend that hurts you deserve a second chance?

It depends upon the scenario, if the damage is humongous that can't be filled with apologies, and requests then one should not be given a second chance. But, if there is less damage mentally or physically, one should be given a second chance for sure.

If your mate has done something very wrong that has hurt your relationship do they deserve a second chance?

It depends on if you really love him/her

Do gay people deserve a chance?

Yes. All people deserve a chance. To think otherwise would be cold and heartless.

Does a boyfriend that you have been dating for 5 months and cheats on you deserve a second chance?

no, in my experience if they cheat once they will cheat again.

Does she deserve a second chance?

if you love her yes and work things out if she dont want to then she not worth it at all BUT IF U LOVE SOMETHING SET IT FREE

did saint joseph heal people?

he heals everyone even bad people when they deserve a second chance

How is the lion the witch and the wardrobe a good book?

it is a good book as it shows how sometimes you might loose your way but you still deserve a second chance at putting things right x

What is the duration of The Second Chance?

The duration of The Second Chance is 1.7 hours.

When will animals be treated fairly?

When people realise humans are no better and that they deserve a chance.

What is the Latin translation of 'second chance'?

What is the latin wording or word for "second chance"

Can you get a second chance to catch entei?

yes you can get a second chance at catching Entei i did

Do you believe in a second chance?

Yes everybody deserves a second chance :) x

When was The Second Chance created?

The Second Chance was created on 2006-02-17.

House arrest for second DUI pa?

If someone is on house arrest for DUI and they fail the breathalizer and they go to jail...Does anyone know if they will be in jail the rest of their sentence ? Do they get a second chance ?

What is the name of the song that goes sometimes goodbye is a second chance?

Second Chance by Shinedown

What banks in Houston offer second chance banking?

woodforest offers second chance

How many pages does Second Chance - novel - have?

Second Chance - novel - has 240 pages.

When was Second Chance - novel - created?

Second Chance - novel - was created in 2004-06.

What is the duration of Second Chance film?

The duration of Second Chance - film - is 1.37 hours.