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Does anyone have a good water exercise routine or know a good site?

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Here's one that looks good: Here's one that looks good: Here's one that looks good:

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What is a good exercise routine?

exercise = eggs are sides.... for bacon BACON!!! therefore bacon is exercise

What is a spinning workout and is it a good exercise routine?

A spinning workout refers to a fast paced exercise routine using stationary bikes. It is found to be very effective as an exercise routine and very tough as well.

What is Cheryl Cole's exercise routine?

She doesn't have a specific routine she just eats healthily and goes to the gym when she has time. She also dances a lot which is good for exercise.

What is a good exercise routine for hamsters?

Running on the hamster wheel, hands down

What is a good exercise routine that is easy to do and will make you lose weight fast?

A good exercise routine that is easy and helps you lose weight fast is one that incorporates full-body cardiovascular exercise while being fun and rewarding. Jogging, cycling and swimming are good solo exercises. Racquetball, tennis and basketball are good games. The exercises you should chose are those that sound fun to you, so that you will stick with them.

Is water polo good exercise?


What is meant by good exercise habits?

it means that, if you keep yourself to a daily routine and strictly stick to it you are in a good exercise habit, in other words you are building yourself up to good habits and obviously exercise is a great habit to help yourself to get yourself built, trim and fit.good luck (:

How do you look slimmer without waist strap?

The way to do that is by developing a good exercise routine, coupled with the appropriate diet.

How is water polo good for you?

Its good exercise, both physically and mentally.

What are my diet and exercise plan options for losing weight?

The diet and exercise plan options for losing weight is to get into a good routine by staring with what you eat. Then you need to program your body to exercise 15 to 20 min. a day.

How do you tone your bicep?

By doing a good bicep routine Exercise,But dont forget to rest ,the best Bicep Exercise is DUMBELL CURLS & PULL UPS.Eat healthy..stay Healthy !!

How many pounds can you lose playing ping pong?

If you have a good partner, you can substitute table tennis for any form of cardio exercise in a diet and exercise routine to lose weight.

Why is it important that you balance out your exercise routine with aerobic and anaerobic exercises?

Anaerobic exercise is what makes your heart, lungs, and arteries more healthy. Aerobic is good for your bones and muscle strength.

Is water exercise only for elderly people?

NO, water exercise is not only for elderly people. many middle age people choose water exercise along with new mothers and their children, it can be good exercise and helps muscle development.

Is water aerobics a good weight loss exercise?


What is a good exercise routine for a 13 year old?

It is easy, stretch every morning before school, b ein sprots

On a scale of 1-10 how good are you at sticking to an exercise routine?

1 2 3 5 6 4 10

Give a reason why it is important to develop good exercise habits?

so u develop a routine and u dont keep on putting off exercise and so u dont get fat of course

What is a good way to enhance my exercise routine?

There are two ways to enhance your exercise routine. You can either set higher goals for yourself(and include punishments such as no dessert for a week) and stick with them. Or you can switch to heavier weights. Switching from three pound to five pound weights can really enhance a lot.

What is a good diet for a dog?

no table food , water, exercise, and sleep

What about exercise during pregnancy?

Exercise while pregnant is a good consideration, however it depends on what kind of exercise you are doing. For example, walking is a great exercise, while doing other more strenuous exercises may not. Always check with your doctor before going on any kind of exercise routine, especially when pregnant.

How do you get a really good exercise routine that will help me lose weight with a broken hip?

probably crunches. you dont have to use leg muscles often in crunches

Do your heartbeats increase or decrease when you exercise?

Your pulse increases when you do exercise. It then returns to normal when you stop. If you are doing aerobics, a cool-down period is good to fit into your routine at the end. This is a period where you gradually slow your aerobic activity over a few minutes until you come to rest. With a good over-all routine, over timeyour average rest heart rate should decrease.

How to Start a Fitness and Exercise Routine?

No matter what type of physicality or metabolism you have, there is always a fitness and exercise routine out there that will work for you. The most important thing that you can do is work closely with a fitness trainer and a doctor to work out your routine. The fitness trainer will give you ideas of exercises you can do, and you can take those exercises to your doctor to see if you are in good enough shape to do those exercises safely. No matter what you do, it's important to start slowly, working your way up to more strenuous fitness and exercise goals.

What do dogs need to stay heathy?

good food , water , love and exercise.