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Use the right wrenches and make sure that the radiator is cold.

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Q: Does anyone have a procedure on how to replace a radiator and ac condenser for a 2001 Honda Odyssey?
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How do you replace a 2000 Honda Odyssey radiator?

how do you replace a 2000 handa odyssey radiator

How do you replace ac condenser in a 03 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Unscrew radiator, should be two attachments connected to condenser. Unscrew them from the condenser and it should slide right out from in front of the radiator.

How do you replace a Honda Odyssey radiator?

To replace the radiator in a Honda Odyssey you have to drain the coolant out of the old one. Then you unscrew any fasteners and hoses and lift the old radiator out of the van. Place the new radiator into the vehicle, reattach hoses and screws, and refill with new coolant.

Where to find step by step instructions to replace the air conditioning condenser in a 2005 gmc canyon?

Drain the cooling system.Remove the radiator.Recover the refrigerant.Remove the receiver dryer.Remove the condenser inlet hose bolt.Remove the condenser inlet hose.Remove the condenser outlet hose bolt.Remove the condenser outlet hose.Remove the condenser from mounts on the radiator.Remove the condenser...........................

How do you replace a thermostat in a 2000 dodge neon?

Drain the radiator. Remove the radiator hose. Remove the inlet from the engine. The thermostat is in the inlet. Replace the inlet and the gasket, and reverse the procedure to finish the procedure.

How do you replace a alternator on a 2002 deville?

you have to remove the radiator and the a/c condenser to pull alternator also cooling fans

Why are there two separate radiator fin beds on a 94 Cavalier 2.2L and do they both need to be replaced when replacing the radiator?

No, just replace the radiator. The other one (in the front) is the condenser for the a/c system.

How do you replace the radiator in a 2006 Buick Lucerne?

You have to remove the bumper cover, under bumper, and hood latch cradle. Then the ac condenser can be moved aside. Then remove fans and lines. Then remove radiator.

How to replace radiator in 1998 Chrysler van?

Remove upper radiator support remove bolts that retain the A/C condenser remove hoses and transmission cooler lines remove retaining bolts then remove fan module and lift out radiator

Procedure to Replace the driver's side door checker 2006 Honda Odyssey?

How do you replace ac condenser on a 2001 Chevy Venture?

How do you replace ac condenser on a 2001 chevy venture?

How do you replace a condenser for a Chevy Venture?

remove the radiator by removing the two support bolts up top it may have a plastic cover over these bolts discharge the a/c system remove the bolts holding the a/c lines on and remove the condenser

How to Replace rack and pinion on 2002 Honda Odyssey?

replace rack and pinion on 2008 honda odyssey

How do you replace radiator on Jeep liberty?

CAUTION: When removing the radiator or A/C condenser for any reason, note the location of all radiator-to-body and radiator-to-A/C condenser rubber air seals (Air Seals - Typical). These are used at the top, bottom and sides of the radiator and A/C condenser. To prevent overheating, these seals must be installed to their original positions. Disconnect the negative battery cable at battery. Drain coolant from radiator (Refer to 7 - COOLING - STANDARD PROCEDURE) . Remove the front grill (Refer to 23 - BODY/EXTERIOR/GRILLE - REMOVAL). Remove the cooling fan from the engine, if equipped. Remove the two radiator mounting bolts. Disconnect both transmission cooler lines from radiator. Disconnect the connector for the electric fan. Disconnect the power steering cooler line from cooler. Disconnect the radiator upper and lower hoses. Disconnect the overflow hose from radiator. The lower part of radiator is equipped with two alignment dowel pins (Radiator Alignment Dowels - Typical). They are located on the bottom of radiator tank and fit into rubber grommets. These rubber grommets are pressed into the radiator lower crossmember. WARNING: THE AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM (IF EQUIPPED) IS UNDER A CONSTANT PRESSURE EVEN WITH THE ENGINE OFF. REFER TO REFRIGERANT WARNINGS IN, HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING BEFORE HANDLING ANY AIR CONDITIONING COMPONENT. NOTE: The radiator and radiator cooling fan can be removed as an assembly. It is not necessary to remove the cooling fan before removing or installing the radiator. Gently lift up and remove radiator from vehicle. Be careful not to scrape the radiator fins against any other component. Also be careful not to disturb the air conditioning condenser (if equipped).

Do you have to take out the engine to fix a radiator hose in Chrysler lebaron?

No, you do not have to remove the engine to replace a radiator hose.No, you do not have to remove the engine to replace a radiator hose.

How do you replace a radiator 1985 Nissan 300zx?

You're going to have to take the front of the car off. It's not as hard as it sounds. Get a repair manual; I have a Haynes. It will walk you through the procedure. You will probably have to special order the radiator. Don't forget to replace the hoses while you're at it.

How do you replace a cv joint in a Honda Odyssey?

Much better to replace the whole axle, look at for a guide on how to replace an axle in a Honda Odyssey

How do you remove the ac condenser in 2001 windstar?

4 hour job. Disconnect battery, open plastic top cover of the radiator, unscrew 2 long special bolds in both sides underneath the plastic cover and inside the rubber ring,it will let the whole set radiator / condenser moves back and forward easily. open 2 screws of the AC connection pipes (Remember the freon have to be removed before open these screws. Test the open end of the pipe make sure there is no freon pressure left). remove these 2 pipe from condenser. remove 2 headlights. Remove the front car cover (remove all bottom screws and 2 screws inside the fender, then front cover will come out) open 2 screws from the bottom of each corner of the condenser; left side open first and the right side open later. remove 2 brackets from the bottom of the condenser then it will release the condenser). take out the condenser through the front gap of the radiator and front headlight panel. Put the new one in carefully don't bend or brake the fins of condenser. put the new one in and put the bottom brackets back and reverse the procedure. connect the pipe and fill the freon. You should begin with a very small amount of freon . run the engine Max AC make sure there is no leak freon or damage condenser. complete the front cover and other parts with the reverse procedure when you open it. You should put screws and note where their location so you don't miss or lost them . There is another way to pull out the whole set AC condenser and Radiator from the bottom, but you have to get the car head up on the ram. This way is more complicate since you have to remove all pipe connected to the radiator, but it is easier to reach the condenser. I am only use this way when replace the radiator as well. Good luckRead more: How_do_you_replace_condenser_on_2000_ford_windstar

How do you replace the radiator on a 1992 Honda Accord LX?

How do you replace a radiator on a 1991 Honda Accord

How do you replace radiator 2003 Honda Accord?

how do you replace the radiator on a 2003 V6 Honda Accord

What would make a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee ac get less cooler when at a stop light?

Less air is moving over the condenser which reduces the cooling. Check/ replace the radiator fan clutch.

Cost to replace radiator in Nissan Altima?

You will need at least $300 to replace a radiator in Nissan Altima.

What if you have a small crack in your radiator of 2004 impala?

If the radiator tanks are plastic you will have to replace the radiator.

How much does it cost to replace a radiator in a Infiniti?

The cost to replace a radiator in an Infiniti will vary depending on the mechanic and the price of the radiator. It is estimated that is will cost about $400.

What happens when Transmission fluid leaks into the radiator?

You replace the radiator