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i used a universal bosch it worked though its a pain to do yourself it hasn't set a code but i am going to put a regular ac delco o2 sensor back in my Pontiac because i now have a rough idle and the o2 sensor was all i changed which tells me it worked but it didnt work good enough to smooth the idle i changed the one if the manifold out so i would stay away from universal sensors as for the colors on the wires they stand for different thing i.e power, ground,etc. but if you want to change your sensors have a good look at the original you pulled out or just look at it while its hooked up note the amount of wires how long the wire(s) are how thick they are and just replace it with a new factory one or an aftermarket one that is almost identical will work id try for stock tho sucks to do things more than once!

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 22:35:25
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Q: Does anyone have experience installing a universal o2 sensor on a 1992 Honda Accord lx or know what the OEM oxygen sensor wire colors mean compared to a universal 4 wire sensor?
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Either you are installing it incorrectly or you bought the wrong kind. Most auto parts stores will install wiper blades for free.

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Do you have to clear codes before installing a new oxygen sensor in a 99 honda accord ex?

Disconnect the negative battery cable for five minutes and this should clear the codes. If not, you will need an OBD 2 scanner to reset the code.

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