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LH Model 1100's have been made. LH Model 1100's have been made. LH Model 1100's have been made.

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Q: Does anyone make a left hand barrel for a 1100 Magnum 12 gauge 3 inch chamber with screw in choke?
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Where are choke markings on baikal shotguns?

on a single shot barrel you must remove the barrel and look at the flat side underneath the chamber to see the choke stamping.

How much is a Mercury Magnum double barrel 12 gauge shotgun worth?

I have a mercury 12 gauge magnum 3 inch chamber full& full choke`s made in liege -belgium.with ducks in grave and other in grave.

Where can you buy a smith and Wesson model 3000 3 magnum ribbed barrel 30 barrel full choke?

I would start my search at Smith and Wesson first.

What is a shotgun full choke barrel?

A barrel with a full choke.

What is the value of a Remington 1100LT-20 3 inch magnum shotgun with a 28 inch vent rib full choke barrel?


Can Browning's Invector Plus chokes be installed in a Belgian made Browning A 5 12 GA magnum with full choke barrel?

This project should be probable.I would have a competent gunsmith give you a quote for threading the barrel to except the Invector plus choke system.

How to determine if Browning A-5 jap slug barrel is smooth or rifled for 3 inch magnum no choke designation 24 inches long?

If you see spiral grooves when looking down the barrel, then it is rifled.

Can you shoot a slug threw a barrel with a choke in it?

I wouldn't. This could destroy the choke and expand the barrel.

What is a choke bored barrow?

If you mean a choke bored barrel, it designates the amount of constriction a shotgun barrel has.

What is the value of a Browning Belgium Magnum Twenty ser 70X 37325 20ga 3inch chamber spec steel barrel vent rib no choke no recoil pad 95 percent plus fired 1 box shells?

Assuming that your Belguim made Browning auto-5,20 gauge magnum shotgun is in 98% condition.Iwould assess a value of 925 dollars for this model with a vent rib barrel that was made in 1970.If the gun rates a 95% condition then 850 dollars.

Can your Remington 870 with a mod choke shoot rifled slugs?

As long as the barrel choke is "NOT" a screw-in style choke tube............YES slugs can be shot through the barrel.

Where is the choke?

At the end of the barrel

Choke of sears model 20 plain barrel with 3 stars?

choke of sears model 20 12 gage plain barrel shotgun has 3 stars on barrel

I have a Browning auto 5-3 magnum with 3 barrels 32 full choke 28 modified and 24 buck special. The gun is Japanese made. Anyone know what for this is worth in excellent cond. with 3 barrel case?

it should say right there on the receiver "made in Belgium"

What is the choke on a Stevens Model 311 Series H Twelve Gauge Shotgun?

They came in various barrel lengths and choke combinations. If it is not marked on the side of the barrel, you will have to pattern the shotgun to determine the choke

What is the age of a Winchester Model 12 shotgun with a serial number of 463781?

It has a nickel steel barrel and is a 12 gauge with a mod choke. It has a nickel steel barrel and is a 12 gauge with a mod choke. It has a nickel steel barrel and is a 12 gauge with a mod choke.

What is a cylinder bored shotgun barrel?

A shotgun barrel with a cylinder bore choke.

What is the difference between a choke barrel and a slug barrel?

The amount of constriction at the muzzle

Can a choke tube increase the diameter of the barrel of a shotgun?

No. A choke tube slips into and screws to the muzzle end of the barrel. It can only decrease the inside diameter.

What is the price of a Browning B-80 Superlight 12 30 barrel full choke 2 34 chamber serial 421PY07328 in mint condition?

50-600 usd

What is a choke on a shotgun?

The Choke of a shotgun is the amount of barrel restriction at the muzzle end which affects the shot pattern. A full choke will keep the spray pattern of the pellets closer together farther out than if the barrel was not restricted at the muzzle. If there is no restriction at the muzzle, the choke is said to be cylinder choke or cylinder bore.

What are the various choke markings for Stoeger shotguns?

The fixed choke markings are denoted by * marks on the bottom of the barrel under the forearm assembly. 3 on the left barrel and 4 on the right. *** Modified choke **** Improved Cylinder

If your browning does not have a threaded barrel for a choke can it be?

It is possible

What is the value of a Remington mod 1100 lt 20 magnum with a 28in full choke vent. rib barrel and a smooth bore slug barrel with rifle sights gun and barrels are at 98 blueing?

Between 500 to 700 dollars depending on condition and location

Do shotguns need chokes?

It is possible to fire a shotgun without a choke, but it is highly not reccomended, and they don't cost that much If you select a barrel with no choke (cylinder) it will cause the pattern to be looser than for a barrel of a shotgun that has a tighter choke. The extreme is "full choke" which keeps a tight pattern out to the effective range. Full choke is typically used for waterfowl. A shotgun that is pressed into double duty (shot for small game and slugs for big game) would work well to have modified choke. Slugs have to be designed to fire through a full choke without blowing the barrel but you will certainly shorten the life of the barrel by firing slugs through a choked barrel. If you can afford an extra barrel, then use a cylinder (no choke) for slugs. Remington and other shotgun manufacturers have interchangeable choke tubes (see link) that allow you to screw in the appropriate choke for your quarry.