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well some people do like 10% of the wwe fans

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โˆ™ 2008-12-31 20:44:51
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Q: Does anyone really like JBL
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Is JBL really main event material?

yes he is

Do they really like anyone?

Who are they?

How did JBL get out of the cage when he fought Big Show?

Jbl was chokeslammed through the ring and crawled under the ring and referee brian hepnur saw and so he retained his title Yeah and thank goodness for that...JBL..JBL..JBL..JBL!!!

Did JBL beat John Cena at Royal Rumble 2009?

No he won't because JBL is really rubbish and John cena is definetly not and John cena won anyway!

Who does jaypaw like?

First of all jaypaw/jayfeather is a medicine cat but if your on the sight then he is a warrior but he really dose not like anyone and he really cant like anyone or have a mate.

When was JBL created?

JBL was created in 1946.

What John Cena and Cryme Tyme did to JBL's limo was wright?

Yes I think what John Cena and Cryme tyme did to JBl's limo was Wright JBL JBL had it coming

What was the confrontation between Blue Meanie and JBL at One Night Stand and does it have anything to do with why Blue Meanie had blood on his face?

JBL is one of the Superstars backstage who doesn't really like the younger wrestlers and sometimes plays pranks etc on them. Blue Meanie spoke out about this and JBL heard about it and that it why there was confrontation at One Night Stand. JBL hit Blue Meanie in his face causing a cut on his face and meanies eye to swell up. Probably more to the story but that's the jist of it!

How old is jbl?

Jbl is 46 yeard old!

Who is a part of jbl cabinet?

JBL no longer has a cabinet

Who is better CM Punk or JBL?

CM Punk because he has way better tactics and is not a little rich guy that thinks he is so good when he is not, like JBL.

Do black females like white guys?

i really think anyone can like anyone depending on the type of person you are.

What should you do when you really like someone?

When we like anyone iwe have to do anything for them

Who is a better Jeff or jbl in a TLC?

JBL is much better

Is jbl coming back to WWE?

It doesn't look like he will be back anytime soon.

Was JBL world heavyweight championship yes or no?

No, JBL was WWE Champion.

My friend Never Had a boyfriend and she really wants one but there's really No one she likes What should I do to help her?

k yeah help her like tell her that she, well does she really like anyone maybe she does just wont tell u but maybe she will find someone tay just wait like me i really want a boyfriend but i am waiting for someone i like i really dont like anyone!!

Did JBL quit smack down?

JBL quit the WWE at Wrestlemania 25.

Is jbl better then mick foley?

Mick Foley could beat JBL

What if you barely talk to the guy you really like and you really want to tell him you really like him?

You should just go for it. Taking a risk never hurts anyone.

What kind of speakers are in a 2000 Solara?

JBL speakers The JBL speakers are included with an optional sound system and not all 2000 solara's have them If your vehicle has the JBL speakers it will have a small JBL emblem on the radio faceplate Also if you have the JBL speakers you cannot replace the stock faceplate with an aftermarket one without also replacing the speakers

How old is WWE wrestler jbl?

Right now it is 2009.JBL is 42 right now. He was born November 29th, 1966. (JBL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

What is JBL's fansite? I did know he had one. Come to think of it, I didn't know JBL had sny fans to start out with! also if you want to support the wrestling god go to my friends jbl yahoo group and join! its:

Where can one purchase JBL wireless speakers?

One can purchase JBL wireless speakers from eBay,Amazon,Best Buy and John Lewis depending which model one required. JBL wireless speakers can also be purchased from the JBL official website.

How do you act like a Cullen at school?

Don't talk to anyone at all, and when some girl you like walks by act like she smells really, really bad.