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Does asking questions earn you trust points?

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Trust points

In theory, asking questions can cause someone to recommend you through your profile, which gives you a trust point.

In general, though, trust points are awarded by other users based on the quality of your contributions to answers.

No user earns any trust points without another user recommending him or her. Just asking a question or contributing to the answer doesn't grant anybody a trust point.

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How do you get people to recommend you to get trust points at

Typically, asking for trust points can or is discouraged. Those who earn trust points are for the most part contributing wonderful things to which can include, nice, well organized answers. There are MANY WAYS to earn trust points though.

Why isn't there a rating system on these questions?

There is. There are the trust points attributed to the last author of the answer (these trust points are hard to earn) There is also a popularity index attributed to questions WITH Answers. (see the recommend the question link)

What is the easiest way to earn trust points?

You simply answer a lot of questions that you know the answer to, and be very nice. Then, if the answer helps the person, they will give you a trust point.

Do you get experience for answering questions on WikiAnswers?

There is no such thing as an "experience point" on WikiAnswers, but you earn "contribution points" for each contribution you make WikiAnswers, such as answering a question or asking a question. You can also earn "trust points," when someone thinks you're a helpful or influential contributor and clicks on "Recommend contributor."

What would be a good way to get trust points?

Simple, but not simple - answer a lot of questions accurately. Go to the "Unanswered Questions" section, and start with an area of personal expertise. Correct, helpful answers, even short ones, can earn you trust points.

How do you get a lot of trust points on this website?

Trust points can be earned by doing contributions for questions, or answers and many other things you can do to earn them! Once someone feels you deserve one, on their own discretion, they'll give you a trust point. It'll take some time to earn a lot, but eventually, you'll earn yourself up there!

What is the maximum amount of trust points you can earn on WikiAnswers?

There is no limit as to how many trust points a person can earn on WikiAnswers. Currently, the highest number of trust points held by a person on this site is well over 8,000.

What can you earn based on your trust points in WikiAnswers?

Trust Point "earn" other contributor's and readers' trust and respect for the quality answers you give.

Does answering a Community featured question earn you trust points?

Answering a question will only earn you a contribution point. Trust points are earned when other people value your answers and vote them up. There is no difference currently between answering featured questions and any other question on the site.

Do you earn money or points on here?

You don't earn money but you can earn trust points. Trust points on are earned when other users recommend you because they like your contributions. These are not tradeable in any way, but are merely an indicator of how highly-rated a contributor is.

How do you get people to give you trust points?

People will give you trust points when they, well, trust you. You can earn the trust of people in the community by giving good answers to questions and helping to categorize questions. When people read one of your answers or see the hard work that you are putting into the site, they can either click the "Recommend contributor" link under your answer, or click the "Recommend" link on your Bio page.If you answer questions well, you will soon get Trust Points. The more popular the question, the more Trust Points you are likely to receive.NotePlease do not ask for Trust Points; not only might this deter a contributor from giving you any, but it is alsofrowned upon by the community.Give them cookies and/or brownies.

Can you add trust points?

you earn them when you recommend someone or they recommend you

Why does yahoo answers take points for asking a question?

It a way of spending the points,this is one benefit of points.Like we spend the money,on Yahoo Answers we earn points and spend it on asking questions.You can also ask more questions per day as you move up through the levels.

How do you give some one trust points and how do you earn them?

You can earn points by contributing to the site in a positive way. The better your contributions and the more of them....the more trust points. They can be awarded by recommending users on their bio page or at the bottom of answers they have written.

How do people get more trust points on WikiAnswers?

You can get trust points on WikiAnswers by making many helpful edits and doing your best to make WikiAnswers a great Q&A site. When people see an answer you posted on a question, they have the option to "Recommend" you. When they do this, you receive a trust point.To earn trust point you have to answer questions. If the asker thinks your answer is good they will give you a trust point. Not all askers give trust points though. Good luck and keep answering!

Why are your trust points not added to your total points on WikiAnswers?

Your total WikiAnswers contribution points are calculated as the sum of all of the contribution points you have earned. These include first answers, edits, organizational actions, questions asked, and community contributions. All of these points come under the heading of "Contributions" in your WikiAnswers profile. Trust points are slightly different. Contributors do not directly earn these points through their contributions; they are awarded trust points by other WikiAnswers users. Therefore, trust points are not counted as contributions, and do not add to the contribution points total in a WikiAnswers profile.

What happens when you earn trust points?

You get the pride that someone else thought your answers were great.Trust Points won't earn you prizes or cash, just the notion that a fellow contributor thought you give great answers.

Are trust points used to redeem certain things or used for certain privileges?

No, however, the more trust points you have, the more you are bound to be trusted - and to get more trust points! To earn trust points, all you need to do is have good quality contributions, and hopefully someone will stumble upon them and give you a trust point!

What website you can earn points and win stuff on that website and answer questions-?

There are multiple websites today that you can earn points and win prizes when answering questions. Do a general search for what you are looking for and you will find many of these websites.

How do you add your contributor trust?

You can award a Trust Point to a user by going to their profile and clicking on "Recommend Contributor." Trust Points are awarded to a member whose contributions you think are helpful, authentic, and worthwhile.You can earn Trust Points by contributing to the site. Answer questions in categories in which you're knowledgeable or passionate! Give in depth answers, and validate your profile with links to your blog and/or Facebook that show your experience! Trust Points come with time and effort on

Can you earn points on Answers and how?

You can earn trust points. These are given to you by other contributors when they believe you have done something well (for example, answering a question thoroughly and coherently).

Can Trust points earn you money on Answers com?

Trust points on are not connected to money. This is just a way to show people's appreciation to good answerers.

What site like doesnt need a login to answer questions?

Easy answer you don't need a log in to answer questions but if you want an account for answering questions you can earn trust points to make you more 'famous' on rather than having it say anonymous under your answer

How do you earn contributor badges?

You can earn contributor badges by making certain contributions to WikiAnswers, such as answering questions, asking questions, editing, organizing, and messaging other users.

Why does one account have more trust points than the other if the one with the least amount of trust points has more contributions?

The editing of question and answer material counts as contributions even though they are not obvious and are not subject to the accumulation of trust points. Trust points are given by users who typically will like a question, or like the way a question is answered. This doesn't guarantee that the one who contributed the bulk of the answer will get the trust point. So a person who contributes a lot of time editing/correcting questions and answers will accumulate a large number of contributions without necessarily doing things that might earn points from users. The trust points don't really mean anything though, so you don't have to worry about it.