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The answer seems rather obvious (to me anyway). There is no reason to believe that the batterer would not vent their anger and abuse on the children. Being a battered wife is nothing shameful nor does it make you a bad parent. I believe you would benefit from counseling to help you resolve any issues you may have, from being in an abusive relationship. Good Luck

I have to warn you here - this happened to me.

My ex abused me horribly for 6 years (phys, emotional & sexual abuse). When I had courage enough to leave him, I had to seek counseling to help me get over the abuse and on with my life. He sued saying I was unstable (due to the counseling) and atually WON! Now he has my kids and neglects them completely (no coats, holes in shoes, doesnt care about school problems, etc..)as well as uses them to continue to abuse me emotionally. Ive gone broke between child support ($1200/mth) and legal fees and my kids are suffering and I dont even have any way to help them (Lord knows Im trying). BTW, DSS is useless.

So please please dont take it for granted that an abuser WONT get custody. They are a manipulative breed indeed and can and do use the situation to hurt you. Please dont let this happen to you or your kids.

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Q: Does being a battered wife make you unfit to be a parent to your two children or is a batterer unfit to be a parent?
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