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Q: Does destruction-ism advocate destruction in general or just destruction of social institutions?
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Who is karnataka advocate general?

Ashok Haranahalli, Advocate General, State of Karnataka

When was Advocate General for Scotland created?

Advocate General for Scotland was created in 1999.

Who is the current advocate general of maharashtra?

Darius Khambata is the new advocate general of Maharashtra.

Who is the highest law officer of a state in India a attorney general a secretary general law department a advocate general or a solicitor general?

advocate general

What is the name of advocate general of state?

KP Dandapani is the advocate general of kerala state now.

Who is advocate general of India?

Mr.Rakesh Munjal

What does the Judge Advocate General do?

The Judge Advocate General (JAG) is a lawyer in the military. A JAG will represent a a soldier in military court and provide advice to military commanders.

Who is the highest law officer of the state?

advocate general

Who is in charge of Military courts?

Judge Advocate General

Who is the present advocate general of tamil nadu?


Who is advocate general of Punjab Pakistan?

khawaja haris

Who is advocate general islamabad?

allah bachayo soommro

Who appoints the Advocate General in Andhra Pradesh?


What has the author Authors - General written?

Authors - General has written: 'Advocate for America'

What is the difference between the Staff Judge Advocate and The Judge Advocate General?

A Staff Judge Advocate is one of the many commissioned officers who are apart of the JAG Corps. The Judge Advocate General is the alpha dog of the JAG Corps. Its usually a two-star or three star General or Admiral. All of the military branches have one. Except the Navy and Marine Corps have the same one.

What is the name of military courts?

JAG-Judge Advocate General

Who is Gujarat advocate general?

Mr. Kamal B Trivedi

Who is the present advocate general of andhra pradesh?

sudarshan reddy

What does jag mean?

JAG stands for "Judge Advocate General"Or "I" in swedish...

What does the name of the TV show JAG stand for?

Judge Advocate General

What is the US army legal agency?

Office of the Judge Advocate General.

Who is the present advocate general of the state of Assam?

Shri A. K. Phookan

Do Every union territory has its own Advocate general?

good question

Who is advocate general of sindh pakistan?

Barrister Khalid Javed Khan

Who is present advocate general of India 2012?

Goolam E. Vahanavati