Does eating bread make your butt bigger?

Bread or any food will only make your butt bigger if:

1. You are continually consuming more energy via the food than you burn off.


2. You as a unique individual are genetically programmed to storing that excess energy as fat on your butt.

So, if you eat a lot of bread and do enough exercise you should be fine. Squats are a great exercise for your thighs and butt but remember there is no such thing as spot reduction so while they will build muscle on your thighs and butt you can't target a specific area for fat loss. A good, balanced diet and a good, balanced exercise program is the best bet.

Bread in itself isn't an evil food. The problem with bread is that its 'calorie dense'. That is, a single slice of bread holds a significant amount of calories, and since that stuff is so yummy, well its easy to eat a lot of it.